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BYOB wihtin walking distance of Four Seasons

Hi I am looking for a BYOB restaurant that is within walking distance of the Four Seasons hotel as I will be staying there soon . I am not interested in restaurant week. Anything goes - any cuisine or price point -Thanks!

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  1. Matyson is not far and gets good reviews on this board.

    1. See this thread, it's the same question but for a hotel a block or two away from you:

      If you really want to throw down BYOB-style, you might consider taking a cab to Bibou in South Philly, it's not that far.

      1. I highly recommend Melograno. It's about a half mile away, so about 10 minutes to walk. Fantastic modern/classic Italian. Good value for the quality of food (most entrees I think top out in the mid twenties). Note that they do not take reservations on the weekend, tho they may take them during the week - I'd call them up to check on this tho since their policies may have changed. And they are very popular. So if you can go at an off time, say before 6pm or after 8, you'll have a better shot at getting a table.

        2012 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

              1. You can byob to the Fountain Restaurant (in the Four Seasons) which is one of the very best in the city. Corkage is $30.

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                  Whoa--do you mean $3 and not $30? Otherwise, what is point in bringing own wine unless there's nothing on the list less than $50?

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                    It's for people that have something nice in their cellar they want to drink with dinner.

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                      true, but recent post just commented on a bad 1983 bordeaux----so disappointing and i wasnt even there!! If only i could keep it long enough to have a cellar!

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                      There are quite a few wines on their list at less than $50, but nothing that I would say is extraordinary. My point is, if you have some classic Bordeaux et al in the cellar, then it is hard to beat drinking them at the Four Seasons Fountain Restaurant -- their staff is great -- even with a $30 corkage.