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Sep 21, 2010 09:24 AM

Near Brown Palace

I have seen numerous entries about downtown Denver but since i have never been, I am not sure what is really nearby. I will be attending a conference at the Brown Palace Hotel and I can already tell that the food will be overpriced. For breakfast within walking distance, what do you recommend? I cannot stand paying outrageous amounts of money for mediocre hotel breakfasts. I love diner ffood as well. Just a good eggs and bacon place is great. Anything nearby so I can avoid some hotel buffet? What about a dinner on Friday night nearby? A taxi is okay as well as long as something is close. For dinner on Friday night, I am looking for upscale, a well dressed crowd, not quiet and stuffy, bustling, fun, great food, and lively atmosphere. What would you pick? Many thanks for any replies.

Brown Palace Hotel
321 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202

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  1. You're close to a Delectable Egg at 16th and Court which is a standard breakfast place. A longish walk will get you to Snooze at 22nd and Larimer. Very good but very busy. I just can't help but think there is a good diner of some sort in downtown but someone else will have to come up with it. OH! snap.. almost forgot Sams #3. Great breakfasts (crummy coffee) at 15th and Curtis. Don't all breakfast places have crappy coffee? Why is this?? Lucile's a notable exception.

    Dinner.. you'll have a lot of choices- you are a very short walk to the 16th St mall which has a free shuttle that will run you northwest to the LoDo area. You have a VERY good restaurant in your hotel (Palace Arms) but it's very expensive and I would say a bit stuffy.

    Very close to your hotel is Marlowe's which is fun and pretty consistent food. A solid place for a martini. Out on 17th ave (very short cab ride or easy walk) is Strings, Steuben's, 17th Ave Grill (I would pick them in that order).

    16th St Cafe
    302 N 16th St Ste A, Canon City, CO 81212

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      With all due respect, mikey,, breakfast and other meals at the Brown may be expensive, but they are high quality and therefore, IMHO, not overpriced. For light breakfasts (or luncheons), Cafe Options, a springhtly eco-friendly eatery on Curtis just a few doors from the 16th St Mall, offers good fresh food at reasonable prices. ( . If you're up for a walk or a cab ride, Racines ( is a perenially popular B, L & D restaurant. Reliable, moderately priced menu and a big bar/counter if you're soloing.

      Cafe Options
      1650 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80202

    2. There's a diner fairly nearby, closer than Sam's, but I don't recall the name; hopefully someone can chime in (or the hotel staff will surely tell you). The Corner Bakery, a chain but fairly decent, is a short walk, on the 16th St Mall.

      As for dinner, any place that you see mentioned here as downtown Denver or LoDo will be easily accessible on foot or with the 16th St Mall Ride bus.

      Corner Bakery Cafe
      500 16th St Ste 150A, Denver, CO 80202

      1. The Brown Palace is at the end of the 16th Street mall which is home to all kinds of fabulous food carts - many of which serve a decent breakfast burrito. Simply hop on the free shuttle and look for lines. Also, for standard diner breakfast check out Rocky Mountain Diner. Its is a bit closer than Sam's #3 and does a decent plate of huevos rancheros.

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          Rocky Mountain Diner, that's the diner whose name I couldn't recall!

          Rocky Mountain Diner
          800 18th St Ste 100, Denver, CO 80202

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            Re: "For dinner on Friday night, I am looking for upscale, a well dressed crowd, not quiet and stuffy, bustling, fun, great food, and lively atmosphere. What would you pick?" Panzano in the Hotel Monaco , 18th and Champa ( . Good food. Good atmosphere. Friday night after-business crowd. Various kinds of seating, including bar, piza bar, dining room and (maybe) some counter seats by the kitchen.

            909 17th St., Denver, CO 80202

            1. re: ClaireWalter

              Fantastic!! Thanks so much everyone for all these great ideas. I am SET! Also, thanks for the review on the Brown Palace. I cannot say how many times I have been at a nice hotel only to find that breakfast takes hours with fawning waiters wearing starched uniforms and name tags who bring out standard eggs and bacon and cold toast. Although they constantly refill water and coffee, the preparation takes forever. Give me the corner breakfast place anyday. Even if they are packed, it seems to go faster. BUT... that said, once in a while a top notch hotel also has magnificent breakfasts with delectable buffets so I will give it a try and see how it goes. I ate at a breakfast buffet in Dallas on Tuesday-some institutional HIlton off of a highway called Lincoln Center that offered a pathetic 22 dollar buffet with cold eggs, tasteless fruit and granola, and weak coffee. What a joke. I know the Brown Palace will certainly top some national chain. As for the choices, LOVE them! I like street carts and breakfast burritos as well as pastries, etc. Plus, thanks for the restaurant hints. This is great stuff. I will try and report back. Thanks again, MIkey