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Sep 21, 2010 09:02 AM

L'arpege closed for a month. Does anyone know when it will open?

I was supposed to have lunch there on Oct 14 an needed to change my reservation to Oct 15. The reply I received via email just said they were sorry but they had to cancel my reservation all together. I was really looking forward to eating there and was hoping they would reopen before I leave on the 23rd. Does anyone know if they will open before that and if not what would be an appropriate substitute. My reason for going there was that was looking for some outstanding vegetarian and seafood fare.

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  1. No one, and I mean no one on earth can tell you when it will reopen. That's how construction works in this country.

    Now, for outstanding vegetarian fare, you have other options. Lasserre, Le Cinq, Guy Savoy jump to mind, although you probably need to warn them in advance. As for seafood, l'Arpège does not strike me as better than the others in this department.

    In my dream world and if I wanted such a thing, my outstanding vegetarian meal would be at l'Ambroisie. I have no idea whether they would accomodate such a request from a non-regular. Or even a regular, for that matters.

    Ducasse, whom everyone knows I loathe, might also have an interesting offer on vegetables. At least he used to.

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    1. re: souphie

      I made reservations at Le Cinq. Thank you for your recs.

    2. Having had the vegetarian lunch at L'Arpege I wasn't impressed. In fact , even though they added a cod dish (mentioned when served) and comped two glasses of wine (the latter since it was not on l'addition and I inquired) I wouldn't return for a vegetarian meal there. Forget the propaganda. As Souphie implies, talk to the chefs (most likely through the wait staff as intermediaries). In particular, l'Ambroisie does respond to clients, even non-regulars.

      1. I walked pass the other day, sign on the door says "Closed due to a technical event"
        What gives?

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        1. re: rockrich

          maybe an electrical/plumbing problem not just in the restaurant but from the whole building.

          Me think that will piss off Passard a lot because this time of the year is the best for vegetables and fruits and a lot of other produces.

          1. re: Maximilien

            It mostly will piss him off because his lifestyle is very cash-flow consuming.

            What happened was an electrical fire. And, as I said, this is France, so you never know when anything will be fixed.

          2. re: rockrich

            There was a fire there a couple of weeks ago. A friend had reservations abruptly cancelled. Apparently the damage was worse than initially thought.

              1. re: Theobroma

                No actual vegetables were hurt in the making of this recipe. It's written under every plate at l'Arpège.

          3. FYI, they don't take reservations for before Nov 15th.