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Sep 21, 2010 08:43 AM

Charlotte Street, London

Need help again CH friends - meeting out of town friends in town tomorrow near Oxford Circus. The Heights at the George Hotel which is a well-kept secret of a bar - great views and away from the pubs of central London (and right next door to BH and HWH which the BBC colleagues on the board who I've never met will know!)

I'm thinking Charlotte Street but where? Thought Rasa Samudra but the London Eating reviews are diabolical - the last time I was there was 2001 and it impressed some visiting Canadians. BTW I completely rate the original vegetarian Rasa in Stoke Newington and have eaten there countless times but not in the last couple years - just that I moved out of that area and one doesn't really find oneself in Stoke Newington by accident....

So - walking distance from Broadcasting House. Not too crazy - need to catch up on 9 years of news. Y'know - mid-price - don't want to frighten the Americans too much!!

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  1. Is the Pie Room at Newman Arms suitable? I've taken visiting friends from overseas there and they have absolutely loved it. I wouldn't say it's somewhere you can linger too long, but the pies are very enjoyable.

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      Newman Arms' pies were good - loved the Guinness & beef, and the chicken & leek. Don't miss the puds, spotted dick & sticky toffee pudding.

    2. Roka. Divine sushi and Japanese

      1. I'd recommend Koba, it's pretty good Korean. There might be some Japanese mixed into it somehow, but I'm not too sure. Just off Charlotte Street, on Rathbone Street.(?)

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          second koba. love the yook hwei, barbequed pork belly and the pan-fried beef. washed down with copious amounts of soju of course

          1. re: jonY

            Finally tried Koba after a long time reading recommendations here. It is really quite good, possibly the best Korean place we have tried here. Began with pork belly and kim chi, rolled up into cabbage leaves, and a scallion and seafood pancake. Continued with some barbecued salmon and octopus and a kim chi bi bim bap. All well prepared and importantly for us, they are not stingy with the kim chi.

        2. Roka is delicious, just off Charlotte Street, but is very pricey.
          You know what I would do, though? I work right near Broadcasting House and you are very very near Soho there. I'd take them to Dehesa, a very delicious and stylish tapas bar just off Carnaby Street - it's a 10 minute walk if you're ambling. And they take bookings!

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            Dehesa's older sibling, Salt Yard, is close to Charlotte Street. Have only been to Salt Yard a long while ago, which I quite liked. Love to hear a comparison between the 2 places; are they indistinguishable foodwise?

            Salt Yard
            54 Goodge St, Camden Town, Greater London W1T 4, GB

            1. re: limster

              I'd forgotten about Salt Yard - I went there a couple of years ago b/c I usually go to Dehesa. They're pretty similar - my impression was the food is more polished at Dehesa, but Salt Yard was very good. There's a new sibling restaurant in Covent Garden - The Opera Tavern I think? Or something like that? Haven't been yet.

              Salt Yard
              54 Goodge St, Camden Town, Greater London W1T 4, GB

              1. re: sunclytie

                People here have given The Opera Tavern high praise. Let us know if you get there and what you thought.