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Sep 21, 2010 08:26 AM

LA-area Meat CSA or Best Alternative?

My brother and his fiance are getting married soon and I would love to get them a meat csa share. I did some searching online (I am in Boston) but can't find anything in the LA area, which surprises me. Can anyone help with my search? Or if no meat CSAs or similar outfits exist in the LA area, I might get them a gift certificate to a top-notch area butcher/source for top-quality meat. Thinking mostly beef, but some pork, and definitely goat if an option, would be great. Suggestions?

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  1. Give Rene a call:

    I get all my meat/chicken from him and he delivers it to my doorstep. I'm sure he would work with you to arrange a weekly delivery to your brother.

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      Hey Obsessed, just looked at the link. It looks awesome, and I love that there is cheese on there too, several of which I already know they love. Thanks so much, a priceless tip!

    2. How do you like having someone else choose your food for you? Isn't that the way CSAs (community-supported agriculture) usually work -- you get a package every week or month selected by the purveyor? I might be interested in receiving a very small amount of food this way, to try a variety of new things, but nothing significant. Like most serious cooks, I want to make my own choices.

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        Harry, you should think of joining a CSA/meat share/etc the ultimate challenge if you are really a serious cook. i am now involved in a meat, vegetable, and fish share here. i am a very serious cook and i used to think that giving up that control would be a downgrade. i've actually become a much better cook now. i don't pick what i get and i love it. Sure I get things I don't love now and again (ugh, cucumbers), but I tell you what. I found a way to incorporate them into a cold thai noodle salad and they are great. it's like the ultimate challenge, and i'm forced to try new things and experiment with cooking.
        And thanks Obsessed, I will look into it!!

        1. re: IHeartAsparagus

          I Heart Asparagus, I completely agree with you and would really like to know this meat, vegetable and fish csa that you use. That sounds perfect for us. Please share.

      2. This may be a little late but helpful for anyone else looking for this answer. Page River Bottom Farm, located in Fresno California delivers a meat CSA to the Long Beach area once every three months. There they provide their monthly program to the residence of LA. You can find more information about their program and the quality of their meat (pasture-raised, grass fed & grass finished, no hormones or antibiotics) on their webpage.

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        1. re: AliceSimons

          It's never too late. Thanks for this option Alice.

          Where exactly do you deliver your CSA for Long Beach pickup? Is it a brick & mortar retail location, a weekend farmers market, or like.... someone's yard?