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Sep 21, 2010 08:18 AM

St. Croix

Heading there at the end of October.
Any recommendations?

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  1. We were there in May and had a wonderful time/

    Recommendations: Kendrick's (Christiansted) is the "toniest" restaurant on the island, and we had a lovely "island elegant" meal there.

    Cafe Christine, in a courtyard in downtown C'sted, may have been the best food we ate there. She's open only for lunch and has a limited menu.

    We do a lot of snorkeling and build up big appetites, and we were pleasantly suprised by Tutto Bene (Christiansted). Not many Caribbean destinations, IMHO, have good Italian, but even my beloved (who considers -- with some justification -- his spaghetti sauce better than any restaurant's) was pleased.

    Also for big eatin' (and drinkin') try Eat at Cane Bay. We had one lunch (burgers) and one (very large) breakfast there.

    A location that gets some high praise in some quarters is Elizabeth's at the Hibiscus Beach Resort (between Christiansted and the North Shore). I think the food might have been pretty good, but it was hard to tell, as we were distracted by the beat-up plastic chairs, cigarette-burned tablecloths and college students doing shots and eating 50 cent wings just inches from our table.

    Not to end on a sour note, I also recommend that you head to F'sted for good snorkeling at Dortsch Beach and some wonderful pastry and coffee at Polly's at the Pier. Very nice folks and very good sweets.

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      Anything come to mind for a quick meal after a long flight near the airport or in enroute to Tamarind Reef (just east of C'sted)? We'll be getting in later in the evening and sure to need a good bite to eat after getting our car. Would prefer cheap and quick--maybe even something to pick up and bring with us to the hotel.

      Thanks for the help in advance!

    2. Here's a Chowhound thread on where to eat on STX...