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Sep 21, 2010 08:00 AM

Safe intro to Modern Catalan (Cinc Sentis is booked!)

client will be in Barcelona. They requested Cinc Sentis, but it's booked through the entire five nights they'll be there (8-13 Oct). What are the other suggestions? I reviewed some on this board. Client is late 50s/early 60s...they are doing Drolma, La Dama on other nights.

Up for suggestions...

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  1. "Safe" meaning conservative in terms of food? Nothing too far out but still modern Catalan cooking: Can Gaig (not their less formal Fonda Gaig). No fireworks but still solid with good service and nice ambience.

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      yes! modern Catalan but not "out there".

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        The food at most of the modern Catalan restaurants in Barcelona are not as "out there" as it make out to be. If your client is doing Drolma (the most conservative of the modern Catalan restaurant) and La Dama (tradtional), maybe push them out just a little and do Alkimia. Otherwise my previous suggestion of Can Gaig offers a very good overall experience. And it really comes down to the individual as what is "out there" is. Also, you might call Cinc Sentits and inquire about cancellations. It happens frequently.