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Sep 21, 2010 07:59 AM

Freezing Smoked Mozzarella

Someone gave me a large piece of smoked mozzarella yesterday. We are leaving for a week vacation on Thursday and I'm not sure if it will last in the fridge for all of that time. Can I freeze it and then thaw when we return with no adverse affect?

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  1. if your going to freeze it, you'll have to use it in an application where texture isnt a big asset.. freezing cheese works Very well, but unfortunately you'll never get that creamyness of before.

    1. Don't know about smoked specifically, but I recently made a Caprese salad out of mozzarella that had been in the freezer for a year (still in the original thick plastic wrapping) and it was just fine; I couldn't tell the difference between the frozen mozzarella and a fresh one.

      1. I freeze smoked mozzarella all the time and I think it actually gives it a better texture. Smoked mozzarella naturally has a chewier texture than fresh, and freezing it only makes it chewier without compromising the flavor. It's also much easier to grate it frozen, if that's how you plan to use it. I buy the Maplebrook smoked mozarella on sale, consume one right away, then put the other in a freezer bag, still in its original packaging, which is basically a double layer of plastic wrap.