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Take-out/leftover alchemy

El Tigre Sep 21, 2010 07:40 AM

So one night last week I got home late and was starving. Things were looking pretty grim as I hadn’t been shopping in over a week. I had a couple of take-out containers and decided to seeif I could make do.
I had a small container of harissa from Crisp and one leftover pork burger from Xi’an Famous Foods. I microwaved the burger (which we all know is much more like a bun than a burger) for about 30 seconds and then finished it off in a cast iron skillet to bring back some of the crisp exterior. OH MY GOD. The pork burger with harissa was unbelieveable! A match made in heaven, the absolute perfect compliment to Xi’an’s “pulled pork”
The next morning for breakfast I hade left over sauce from Xi’an’s cold skin noodles which I simply poured on two sunny side up eggs with toast. Again, an absolute homerun.
Can it be that anything from Xi’an tastes good no matter how long it’s been in the fridge?
What I’m interested in finding out is do any of you have a go-to recipe for restaurant leftovers? Is there ever a case where perhaps the 2nd day interpretation is better than the original?
One thing I always do with leftover mexican food (particularly the carnitas from Mexican Radio) is scramble it into eggs which has beconme one of my favorite breakfasts.

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