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Sep 21, 2010 07:37 AM

New Ethiopian place open in Morrisville

Just saw a new Ethiopian restaurant opened in Morrisville in the Morrsiville Square shopping center. Right near C&T Wok and the Vegetarian Indian place. Haven't tried it yet and didn't have time to look through their menu, but I wouldn't know what I was looking at anyway since I have never tried Ethiopian.

Thought I would put it out there for those who are near the area and liked Ethiopian fare.

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  1. Do you remember if the name was Mawa Taste of Africa?

    They reopened recently. They offer dishes from all over Africa, a rather extensive menu!

    I appreciate the reminder - I have been wanting to try the place.

    Mawa Taste of Africa
    152 Morrisville Square Way, Morrisville, NC 27560

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      Yes, I believe that is the place. Thanks for the link. The menu looks great!

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          It is the perfect menu to explore with a group!

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            well you know where to post about the possibility...

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          I met my wife and kids there (9, 6, and almost 4) for lunch as we were celebrating the end of their geography study on Africa. (we homeschool our kids.) (To be fair, our kids are pretty adventurous eaters.)

          We ordered 3 entrees for the 5 of us. (Chicken tibbs: ethopia, Maffa Guerteh (goat from Mali), Daheen (Gambia)).

          Everything was WONDERFUL!! The server noticed we had young kids and offered to have the dishes prepared milder than usual. Our favorite was the Maffa Guerteh, followed by the Daheen.

          then they brought me some hot sauce that is possibly the hottest thing I have had that was not a chemical hot sauce. My daughter asked what was in the hot sauce, and I told her "the sun."

          Here is a link to the lunch menu:

          Be aware that this is not a quick lunch, it is lunch for a day where you enjoy your food and enjoy your lunch companions.

          Mawa Taste of Africa
          152 Morrisville Square Way, Morrisville, NC 27560

          1. re: alan412

            What a fun way to round out the kids geography section! My folks didn't home school, but as a family we would focus on a different country every month. Between trips to the library, National Geographic, World Book Encyclopedia and my mothers Time Life Foods of the World we did pretty good! Once a month we would have a "foreign" excursion with dinner, music, reports on history & culture and maps. Out of 4 kids two are now very adventurous eaters and two are extremely avid travelers. I have my foot in both camps!

            Good to hear your take on the time frame for lunch. Do you think sandwiches would be served fast enough for a work lunch break?

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              I went there for lunch about 3 times and service speed was average, not fast food but was still ok. The food is indeed excellent and they are very hospitable.

              My best are: the ginger lemonade, Ker Daba is to try (one of the best mint drink I have had), the tajine is a dinner item made of dates, prunes, chicken or lamb, olives all stewd in a sweet honey sauce and served over couscous, a delight. My husband tried the Riz Goreen, a medley of lamb, chicken, seafood with yellow rice, it was also very tasty.
              To answer your question, they also serve sandwiches from several parts of Africa ( I have not tried any though).

        3. We recently tried Mawa's Taste of Africa for dinner. Located in a strip center the space has been decorated simply yet feels warm and welcoming. The majority of the seats are 4 and 6 top booths. Two 6 tops were moved together for a large group, so they are accommodating of larger parties. A nice selection of African music contributed to the ambiance. There is a bit of glass, so I suspect the noise level could be high at peak times.

          The dinner menu is not online. If you look at the Saturday Exotic Dinner you get an idea of the scope of the regular menu. Entrees are in the mid to high teens. The lunch menu ranges from $3.50 soup to $12 for Ethiopian Delights platters. Most offerings are from 6.50 to 9.00.

          The dinner menu is organized by variety of protein. There are probably 8 choices for each protein (I don't recall any pork, but I may have missed it) with ample vegan options.

          We started with a blackeyed pea hushpuppy served with an onion sauce. This was perfectly fried, plenty for two to share, the sauce had a little kick and loads of flavor. I'd come back just for this dish alone!

          Entrees were a curried goat served with (tomato?) seasoned rice and lamb with an onion sauce, olives, couscous and African fries. We added a side of greens - very nice with perhaps a touch of cinnamon and a little heat.

          The goat was extremely tender and pulled away from the smallish bones easily. The curry sauce was layered with flavor. There were bits of veg included, perhaps sweet potato? SO is a huge fan of goat, so was a very happy camper.

          The lamb was well flavored, tender and delicious. The olives (pitted) balanced the dish nicely. African fries consist of plantains, yams and cassava. Wow, these are seriously good and probably one of the best renditions of plantains I've experienced.

          We were celebrating a birthday and went with dessert. Mbourou Faas, "crispy brioche, ice cream (vanilla) , banana caramel" was wonderful. Beignets de Pommes were terrific too.

          Our server was warm and genuinely excited about the food. We heeded her suggestions when we were undecided between two dishes and her insights added to the meal. The woman who is the owner came out several times to chat and see how we were enjoying the food.

          The large group which came in later had a child, perhaps 4 yo. Nibbles were brought out for the child and every one seemed happy. I didn't spot any highchairs, so call if you require one.

          They have the touch with fried items, perfectly prepared without a touch of grease. Spices are skillfully layered creating a depth of flavor. Many of the dishes are stews, making it very easy to share dishes. This would be a terrific place to try with a group! My only regret is that we didn't try Mawa as soon as they reopened! This place is definitely going to be on our rotation.

          1. Wow, that menu made my mouth water! The photos look amazing.