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Sep 21, 2010 06:27 AM

Indian food in or around Ulster County?

Greetings. I have not been on Chowhound for a while and was quite surprised to see that CBS is now in charge. Not sure how to feel or how to search for threads, and I apologize if this is a question asked in the recent past. It's my birthday and I am so so craving Indian food (having left NYC a decade ago). I haven't been to an Indian restaurant in quite some time and I know that a few have either closed or changed owners. So... what do people recomment for a Wednesday night out? I'm willing to travel out of Ulster County for a great great meal. Papadam anyone?

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  1. If you don't mind driving down to Orange County, there's Saffron's in Middletown. I used to head there all the time for the lunch buffet between classes and I always liked it very much. I haven't tried these last two, but there's also A Taste of India in Harriman, and Bukhara Bistro in Vails Gate.

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      Thanks for the O.C. recommendations. Bukhara Bistro is probably closest.... but I'm wondering about any new spots in Kingston, perhaps? Or even Catskill? Any body?

    2. We just had a very satisfying lunch at Kingstone Indian, 298 Wall St, uptown Kingston, 845-331-3611. Standard Indian menu, all dishes (we shared 3) nicely rendered, good nan, chai tea. Pleasantly appointed place. They have lunch specials on weekdays.

      I believe they have a buffet certain nights but have heard that it is not as good as the cooked to order food; don't know from personal experience, though, nor could I say whether those nights are best avoided if you are ordering off menu (i.e., if chef is off).

      I think they also have a sister restaurant in New Paltz, don't know name.