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Sep 21, 2010 05:25 AM

Longevity restaurant Sarasota to be Square One Burgers from Tampa?

There is a defunct restaurant location on South Tamiami Trail across from Sarasota Memorial Hospital, that is becoming "Square One Burgers from Tampa, opening in October.
Anyone been to Square One in Tampa area, comments/review/ worthy?????

Square One Restaurant
1075 Duval St Ste C12, Key West, FL 33040

Square One Burgers
, Tampa, FL 33602

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  1. We go a lot, mainly b/c it is pretty kid friendly. ISort of a staple for us. It doesn't blow me away, but the burgers are decent and fairly creative. Fries are good, fried pickles are good, onion rings look awesome (no idea why I haven't tried them).

    check their website for the menu.

    1. The quality of everything is good, and it's one of those places where everyone can find something to eat. Basically, you can build your own burger, or choose one of their specialty combos; the "meat" can be a crabcake, a veggie burger or a portabella mushroom as well as the traditional stuff. They have tons of fixings. The sides are the best part: sweet potato fries, fried pickle chips, onion strings, and so on. I found the crabcake a bit mushy, the bun a bit soft--small criticisms like that, but I've been a few times and would go back.

      1. I would give Square One a thumbs up. They have one burger there that I really enjoy. Don't remember the name but it has bacon, carmelized onions, cheese and a fried egg on it. And they don't cook the bejeebers out of the yolk so that is an extra moisture source when you are eating the burger. Yum!

        1. Square One serves creative burgers and interesting side dishes, along with a pretty extensive list of beers. I like it. It is owned by the the owners of Bella's Italian Restaurant in Hyde Park.

          Square One Restaurant
          1075 Duval St Ste C12, Key West, FL 33040

          Hyde Park Cafe
          1806 W Platt St, Tampa, FL 33606

          Bella's Italian Cafe
          1413 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606

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            Didn't realize the two were tied together, but appreciate the knowledge gfr! I enjoy Square 1 too, although I must say I think the "kobe" burger is less flavorful than the standard one. The sweet potato fries are pretty bitchin too