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Sep 20, 2005 01:54 PM

Primo's is a Gem!

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Had a state bar meeting on the west side at 7:30 a.m. (arrgghh), so was faced with the prospect of driving downtown in the rain at 8:45 am. Decided to take surface streets (more interesting, and probably faster) which just so happened to take me by Primo's Westdale Donuts (2918 Sawtelle Blvd., at National,(310) 478-6930). Stopped in and picked up some fresh, warm, glazed buttermilk bars. (I think some people call these "old fashions".) I know it's been said here before, but really, these things are just fantastic, particularly when they're still warm from the fryer. (Almost exactly like the ones they used to make at Arlene's at the corner of Santa Monica and Bundy, before they turned into a Starbucks.) Sweet, moist, crispy, and with that hint of coconut which I assume comes from the frying oil. So, I'm driving down Venice Blvd., in the rain, with a warm buttermilk donut in hand and a cup of coffee in the cup holder, and it hits me that sometimes life is absolutely perfect.

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  1. Darn, now you had to go and mention Arlene's. Remember the bright red "cherry" ones? It's not exactly on my diet, but I'm afraid I'll have to pay a visit to Primo's one of these days. How are their apple fritters?

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      I used to live 2 blocks from Arlenes. Oh my god! that just brought back so many memories. We used to walk there on my way to school and get our fill of donuts! thanks so much!

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        My Fave is the cinnamon butterfly. Light airy with crumbles on top!

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          I've only been to Primo's a couple times, but I don't remember ever seeing apple fritters.

          If you're inspired to try their donuts, but still need a fritter fix, after Primos zip down Sawtelle and get an excellent apple fritter at Spudnuts to your left when you reach Venice Blvd.

        2. Couldn't agree more, David--a hot Primo's is truly a slice of heaven on earth. Great review!

          1. You were driving with a donut in your hand? Did you have your cell phone in the other hand (I assume you are an attorney)??? Just making fun.....
            Great review though -- can't wait to try Primos.

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              I don't talk on the phone (or send or receive e-mail) while driving. Too dangerous. Giving up donuts while driving, however, is another story entirely. (One has to have priorities in life, after all.)

              Also, in response to Chowpatty, I don't know if the apple fritters are any good, 'cause I can never get past the buttermilk bars.

            2. Great place with really nice people running it. I get 18 or so to take to the crew at Helen's Cycles every Sat. morning and the two regular girls are really great to deal with, (Elaine and Delme). The also make wonderful oatmeal cookies which I love. Both the apple turnovers and the custard turnovers are great, but the real winner are those giant sweet rolls they make with the white icing.

              1. Been Primoing for many years.

                Try the chocolate pretzels when they have them.