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Sep 20, 2010 10:43 PM

B.A.D. or BAD sushi on SM Blvd, near Le Saigon

anyone been here? what are your thoughts? Just popped up on my radar, I'm guessing it's a CA roll style factory?

Le Saigon
11611 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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  1. i walked by this past week and it appears to be CA roll style blended with hara sushi.

    funky rolls + 50% off deals.

    i kept walking. lols.

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    1. re: wilafur

      honestly, having had bad sushi, the name of the place makes me queasy. not tempted to try it.

    2. They dropped off a menu at my front door. Some highlights:

      "Bloody Friend" roll: Shrimp tempura and avocado topped with tuna and sweet & spicy sauce
      "Naughty Girls" roll: Spicy crab salad, shrimp and avocado topped with tuna
      "Cute Devil" roll: Shrimp tempura and spicy crab salad, topped with salmon and tuna
      "Pork Chop" roll: Baked scallop and avocado, topped with seared tuna and chili sweet & spicy sauce

      Sounds kind of similar to CA Roll Factory with all the gimmicky rolls. Though I make it my business to sample all the sushi happy hours in the vicinity, and will have to make my way here for purely scientific research purposes.

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      1. re: LaPomme

        Are those seriously names of rolls there? The NAUGHTY girl has CRAB in it? Ew.. Does not sound appetizing for "some reason."

      2. Terried Sake House was so much better in this location. That neck of the woods doesn't need yet another bad roll factory.

        Terried Sake House
        11617 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

        1. I live in the neighborhood, and I've been there a couple times to use the 50% off coupons that they have running through September 30th. It definitely does have the gimmicky rolls, but also has sashimi, hand rolls, etc. While it's not the best sushi I've ever had, I don't mind going there to support a neighborhood joint. that strip has potential, and it seems it's beginning to take off a little bit, what with two new restuarants (Naan Hut and Chorros Calientes) opening up in the next couple weeks/month. You'd do better for sushi on Sawtelle, but it's probably better and less crowded than California Sushi Factory down the block.

          Sushi Factory
          17870 Newhope St Ste 102, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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          1. re: mwallace930

            Not supporting a bad business idea on that strip also helps, by allowing market forces to eventually bring in even better businesses into that area.

            If you really wanna support that strip, dine at Juquila or Qusqo, then have a coffee at Cacao Coffeehouse, and then rent a video from Mike at Desire Video.

            11619 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

            1. re: J.L.

              that is a good evening right there.

          2. Never been there.... but that's not a great name for a restaurant.

            On that note, I also don't think I'll be going to Montezuma's Revenge Mexican Restaurant or Vino E Coli Italian Ristorante. ;)