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Sep 20, 2010 10:24 PM

stay away (honey tree) [Metro Detroit]

I know this is totally uncool but you all need to know, stay away from the honey tree in novi. I also know that it is diner food but they are serving terrible stuff. My grandmother lives around the corner and they have messed up her order the last 2 times. On top of simple mistakes (for diner food) they are now serving off the menu items (to clear out their freezers) on their dinner menu.


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  1. Didn't all Honey Tree restaurants change to Red Olive? Or was that just some of the locations?

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      I am not sure about that. I know the family that owned them all (goulas spelling might be wrong). I know that when I called the other night for a pick up I was charged for a dinner salad (when I ordered the greek upgrade to my grandmothers chicken dinner and I was given the ceaser salad for my wife's grilled chicken greek. I was also called back by the same girl that gave us the jacked up order to tell me that they no longer had an appetizer that we ordered. She called 10 minutes after the order was placed (she told us that it would all be ready in 3 minutes, even with the replacement).

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        I think it's just some my house it's still Honey Tree. I think the Somerset food court is also still Honey Tree.

      2. What city is this in/near? This board still covers six states, and it helps to let people know where you're talking about, preferably in the title of the topic.

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          Honey Tree is a small chain in the metro-Detroit area:

        2. There used to be a Honey Tree and Anita's Kitchen right next to each other in Farmington Hills, back when Tally Hall was still around and a bit after that left. It was very tough to decide which one to go to, both were great. I haven't tried the relocated Honey Tree (Northwestern between Orchard Lake and 14 Mile) but I can attest the one on Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake is not great, especially the service. Those looking for a decent family-style plae would be better off going to Jenni's or even Big Boy. The one on 14 Mile in Commerce is ok at best.

          Anita's Kitchen
          110 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084