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Sep 20, 2010 10:13 PM

British Goods on Oahu

After living in the UK for 3 years, we've made it a tradition to buy the kids British treats at Christmas time. In Europe and on the mainland, we've generally been able to locate an import store that carries what we like (Cadbury biscuits, Walker's crisps, Mr. Kipling mince pies, Bassett's Jelly Babies, Rowntrees fruit pastels, Mcvities Penguins, etc.). Since moving to Hawaii, though, it's becoming increasingly expensive to ship. Anyone know of any local stores that carry British products, where I might save a little on shipping?


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  1. You could try R. Field in the Foodland stores or even Williams-Sonoma in Ala Moana. I don't recall seeing things like that in Neiman's.

    1. Did you try Tamura's. They have a lot of imports, but I don't know if they have those things specifically. I do recall seeing some British products though.

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        Well that may be true about Tamura's but the one in Kailua definitely does not have as wide of a selection as Waialae.

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          Thanks, all! I need to make a Tamura's run, anyway. Will check it out.