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Sep 20, 2010 09:07 PM

Steakhouse in Vancouver downtown

Whats a good spot for steak?

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  1. Hamilton Street Grill would be my choice.

    Hamilton Street Grill
    1009 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R9, CA

    1. 1) Gotham
      2) Hy's Steakouse

      But I'd also recommend Pier-a-Terre on Cambie @ 17/18 Ave for their Steak Frites (choice of angus striploin, tenderloin medallions or flatiron):

      1. I've had good steaks at Coast on Thurlow, and the atmosphere is definitely more exciting than Hy's or Gotham!

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        1. re: brokentelephone

          Hy's, Gotham = blue chip. Zzzzzz ...... [wink]