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Sep 20, 2010 08:47 PM

Food Safety Question

This might be a dumb/OCD question, so bear with me:

This summer was really hot in my apartment. I have a ton of canned ingredients (curry paste, chipotle in adobo, chicken stock, etc.) that definitely sat in over 90 degree heat for about a month or so. Is it safe to consume this food?

Voracious eater

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  1. the curry paste and chipotles should be fine as long as the cans aren't bulging. the chicken stock might be a bit risky.

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      1. re: Sinicle

        the peppers and preservatives in the first two are likely to offer better protection against spoilage. chicken stock, OTOH, can sour pretty easily, even with all that salt in it.

    1. canned stuff should be ok; 90s is hot but not that hot, if your cans "bulges" than it's a major defect with them.

      1. It may very well have sat in warehouses and trucks at that temperature before you got it too, not just this time but for your whole life. I worry more about it freezing below zero, which might affect the viability of the seams.

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          Agreed. If temps over 90 were a problem with canned food, then Phoenix wouldn't have canned food.

        2. I guess I would be a litlle careful if it sat in direct sunlight most of the day, but since the curry paste and chipotle are from hot places, they're probably ok. I'd be careful with the stock. As always, if anything smells off, definitely give it the heave ho.

          1. I lived in a extremely hot, remote area of Australia for many years. After doing some conversions from celsius to farenheit, I worked out that our temperatures were always over 105 for at least 6 months of the year and often going over 113 for periods of time. The temperature inside the house (while we weren't home - air con was my saviour) was higher and I can confidently say that no canned goods ever spoiled. Like the other posters are saying, check the cans aren't bulging, but otherwise you're safe.