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Sep 20, 2010 08:22 PM

Fun, trendy, cheap restaurants in the Long Beach/ South Bay area

Looking for a restaurant that is fun and trendy, but won't cost too much for a large party (20+ people)

I'm open to any kind of food, but Mexican and American style food is best!

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  1. You need to be more specific in this request... "cheap" and "trendy" generally don't go together....

    When you say "won't cost too much," how much is too much? How much per person without alcohol/tax/tip were you looking to spend?
    Were you looking for a restaurant to cater a party? or were you looking to rent out a restaurant? Did you need a private room? Did you just want to have dinner there or rent the place out for the night? etc.
    When you say 20+ did you mean like 20-25 or 20-2000?

    What places have you looked at so far? Did you search Long Beach or South Bay restaurants here on CH?

    1. Some thoughts even though it may not meet all the criteria... There is a go-kart track in Carson where food trucks come a few nights a week.... or Alpine Village on Wednesday in Torrance has food trucks there... It's not going to be an exclusive area.
    2. I don't know if it's trendy or not or if it fits your budget, but Ortega 120 in Redondo may be a place to look into.... It's "modern mexican food."
    3. In Long Beach, there is a restaurant called Open Sesame... it's lebanese food...always busy... you could probably fill one of two locations with 20 people but if you wanted it for the night, I don't know if it's available or not... usually for the right price, everything's available.

    Open Sesame
    5215 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

    Ortega 120
    1816 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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    1. re: DrBruin

      I'm looking for a restaurant like Pink Taco in LA but on the cheaper side, if possible. A restaurant with quality atmosphere and food for est 25 people.

      I'm new to the site so I'm not exactly sure how you search for specific areas or restaurants.

      Pink Taco
      10250 Santa Monica Blvd #220, Los Angeles, CA

      1. re: DrBruin

        It sounds like (given the second post the OP put up in reply to your questions) that you pretty much nailed it with Ortega 120.

        Ortega 120
        1816 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

        1. re: Servorg

          I'll have to agree with you there.. sounds like an Ortega 120 experience (not quite sure about the "cheaper part")... I really think the OP may be looking for a place that doesn't technically exist (cheap, trendy, fun... anywhere... and cheap/trendy/fun in the south bay... even tougher...)

          Ortega 120
          1816 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

        2. re: DrBruin

          Which food trucks make it to the go-kart track? I may want to go there now!

          1. re: annapurna7

            I was told that on Wednesdays and Fridays... trucks come.... one of my coworkers told me it was 2 kogi trucks and some shave ice truck (it's like 190th street near some Sketcher's Factory Outlet). However, I don't know how to find out who/when.

        3. South Bay? Trendy?... Good Luck.

          Good Luck Bar
          1514 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027