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Authentic items added to Oriental Express menu in Sparks

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I've enjoyed Oriental Express in Sparks before for good Chinese fast food. After they opened they added a few things on their menu to increase their authentic food. About a week ago they added a whole new menu and it looks like the motherlode for authentic Chinese food in the Reno area.
I went in today and got only one thing, a spicy filet of fish in a brown sauce. Tasted Sichuan style, although I didn't ask. Quite tasty. The fish was perfectly cooked and not overcooked. The sauce was only mildly spicy, too. It was $20 but it's definitely enough for two people. I couldn't finish mine.
Oriental Express has always been good for more standard Chinese fare, They use fresh ingredients and cook it well. This extra menu is quite interesting. I've invited Yimster to review the menu and tell me what they are so we have an idea what to ask for next time we go in.
It's nice to see Oriental Express cook a decent fish dish, something so few restaurants locally can do.

Oriental Express
970 S. McCarran Blvd. #102
Sparks, NV 89431
(775) 359-9888

AT left is the fish dish, which I understand translates to lingering flavor, and at the right is the menu

Oriental Express
Crompond Rd, Peekskill, NY 10566

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  1. I went back today and got the chili chicken off the special menu. It was chicken in a soy bean paste with chili and green bell peppers. Quite tasty but also lip-numbingly hot. Despite the heat, I was able to taste some of the more delicate flavors.
    I think Oriental Express is my new favorite Chinese restaurant in the Reno area.
    Pictured is the chili chicken.

    1. Sounds good. Is the menu only in Chinese?

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        Yes.The guy at the cash register has to read it and tell you what's available.

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          Excellent! We'll be going there ASAP. Thanks.