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Sep 20, 2010 08:03 PM

What shoes do you wear in the kitchen?

Well I've been rotating shoes for a while now, trying to find the right shoe for culinary school...I've had Crocs which are the best, Sketchers work shoes which are awful, and now I'm in Dansko Clogs for men...Unbelievable shoe and my posture is 10x better now, my feet don't hurt, nor do they sweat....

Best $120 I've spent on a pair of shoes...even the MOST I've ever spent.

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  1. Some of the restaurants I worked in required black steel toed boots. Others just boots, some didn't have any restrictions where I just wore tennis shoes.

    No way would I wear crocs or clogs in the kitchen. Too much hot oil flying around, and the occasional dropped knife.

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    1. re: chileheadmike

      I always felt better wearing steel toes in the kitchen (funny, at home, I'm barefoot, but then, the pots are a lot smaller). I wasn't required to have steel toes, but I preferred them. I know a lot of chefs like clog style shoes, but I prefer something that wouldn't come off by accident.

      1. re: Sooeygun

        My Dansko professional clogs have the full back and fit so well to my feet there is no danger of then falling off. Crocs seem like they couldnt possibly be good because they have no substance. I never thought I would like clogs until I gave them a chance.

        1. re: babette feasts

          I would probably like the clogs with the full back. Mr. S has the same opinions on his work shoes as I do and he has the clogs with backs. I meant the ones without backs. I'm kind of a spaz, so would end up tripping out of them.

      2. re: chileheadmike

        One time I was foolishly making a dark roux while wearing flip flops- one tiny drop came off the spoon and landed on my little toe. I found out why they call it cajun napalm, and never cooked without real shoes again...

      3. Galoshes. I tend to spill things.

        1. I like to wear Crocs. Comfortable, durable, come in all sorts of styles and colors, and great for the feet. I like them in general, in and out of the kitchen.

          "Culinary galoshes" are a great idea to sell. Great concept. I'd certainly buy those if they are made out of the same material that Crocs are made out of.

          Maybe some shoes materials and styles are better or worse for kitchen wear depending on whether is mainly making pastries or savory food.