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Sep 20, 2010 06:09 PM

kosher skittles?

Clipped from "Koshertoday" newsletter.

Now, Orthodox Jews and other kosher consumers will finally be able to “taste the rainbow,” if the rumors of the OU certifying Skittles candies are true. Gelatin had long been one of the ingredients in the candies, preventing it from ever attaining kosher or halal certification, but recent packages of the popular candy have that former key element gone from their ingredient listing, leading some candyholics to speculate the kosher certification is not too far off in the future.

If skittles becase kosher I would definitely buy them!

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  1. I hate how they write we "will be able to taste the rainbow", then quantify it with "if the rumors are true". Though from past experience, once koshertoday mentions something, it'll happen. Can Wrigley's gum be far behind??

    1. I wonder if I am the candyholic they are referring to:

      The gelatin is not just gone from the ingredients, they also added a "Gelatin-free" disclaimer on the packaging. This is a very good sign that they see lack of gelatin in the product as a selling point to some consumers (maybe vegetarians/vegans).