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Sep 20, 2010 05:55 PM

Romantic spots


My girlfriend and I are meeting in Manhattan this coming weekend for a long weekend. I am looking for recommendations for the most romantic spots to catch a bite, or take long walks. We enjoy all cuisines and we tend to eat light meals throughout the day from breakfast to late night. Bistro, cafés, bars, dessert (how about your favorite place to get a cannolli ?) , etc. even full menu restaurant, as long as they have great appetizers and lighter fares. We will be staying a couple of nights at the Marriott near Battery Park, and 3 nights at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. We will be going up to the Cloisters, stop by Columbia, visit the MET museum, Central Park, South Street Seaport, Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich Village, take the water taxi over Jersey City. She's from Montreal, and I want to show her romantic New York Citỵ Old fashioned romance.
Thanks !

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  1. If you can, stay away from Times Square...

    1. when you visit the met stop by cafe sabarsky. my favorite place for a cannoli is Rocco's. You should walk by Chelsea when the sun sets by the water. I would choose a romantic restaurant near or around Chelsea. You might want to check out Collichio and Sons or Del Posto. I haven't eaten at either place but I have passed by and both places look nice and romantic.

      Del Posto
      85 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

      1. Have a great time! What makes a restaurant romantic for you two?

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        1. re: Pan

          Soft light, not crowded, or empty, few if any children, no business people, no large groups, nice decor, conducive to intimate talks. It's all subjective of course, and when you are in the right mood, any place can be romantic. That's why I qualified as "old fashioned romance" kind of places. Thanks !

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            In the Village, Recette has enjoyable food and isn't crowded, especially on Sunday. If you go on that day, make sure they are open because I understand they close one Sunday a month. If you go on other days of the week, just go on the early side like around 6 p.m. to avoid the crowds. They have a lot of small plates that are good for a light meal. You can calibrate the amount yourself. It's dark and candlelit with great service. Not stuffy. The rack of lamb and crispy sweetbreads on the current menu, which are both categorized as small plates, but very substantial, are excellent.

            As for cannoli, my favorite place is actually in Brooklyn. It is called Fortunato Brothers and they often have a stand at street fairs around Manhattan.

            328 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014

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              Recette is closed on the second Sunday of each month in prep for their Monday night tasting menu.

              328 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014

        2. jean george followed by a walk through central park.

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              I love the food at J-G, and the service is also v. good, and being close to central park is great.

              However, this may sound odd, but the view from the windows can be pretty awful! It sort-of makes it not an ideal romantic spot for me. Strange, I know.


          1. I'd do at least one dinner in the West Village. Maybe check out Turks and Frogs for tapas?

            In LES, check out Apizz. Finding a "romantic" spot in the city is very difficult, as the scene at any restaurant changes by the day.

            There is also the Modern at the MoMA, but again, if you go on the wrong night, the bar room at the Modern can be packed.

            217 Eldridge St., New York, NY 10002