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Sep 20, 2010 04:52 PM

Best Mussels

hi we are looking for suggestions on who has the best mussels in Westchester/Putnam

thanks in advance

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  1. best mussels ,how do you like them ? in a red sause try an italian rest in west u have a bunch but i would try scaramellas,in dobbs there is a small place in ardsley on the main drag across from the bagel place thats good,giannas in yonkers ,enzos in mamaroneck ,sienna in white plains,

    1. Don't know about the best (I make the best mussels in Westchester!), but I very much enjoyed the mussels in a garlicky white wine both served at Goldfish in Ossining.

      1. The best around here that my wife and I had mussels was a place called Luc's cafe across the border off Main Street in Ridgefield, Ct.
        They make them two ways a white wine and herb broth or chopeped tomatoes and herbs.Both styles are served with homemaade fries. The mussels were plump and sweet and perfectly seasoned.Can't go wrong with one of the nice dry french white wines they have by the glass. The place has a nice casual feel.with music like Edith Pilaf playing in the backround.

        1. The best mussels I have had were at La Provencal Bistro in Mamaroneck. Known for mussels -- in fact they typically have 3 preparations of mussels on the dinner menu. Lovely environment too. Here's the link:

          1. While I love mussels, they've become a bar staple at most pubs and I've found that most places when going the Guinness or Marinara route can pull it off for a fairly inexpensive price. Of course if you're going a little nicer with white wine or a fancier sauce, I'd look for a French place. I believe someone mentioned the place in Mamaroneck, which I've heard is good, but haven't actually tried. I myself can eat them pretty much no sauce whatsoever and be happy.