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Sep 20, 2010 04:43 PM
Discussion Certificates

I saw the thread about Recession Specials in Las Vegas and thought I'd chip in about one of my favorite discount sites.

I haven't looked at listings for in Las Vegas in quite a while, and am impressed with the offerings available now. How does it work? You print out a coupon and present it to the server. The typical certificate is $25, but some are as low as $10 or as high as $100. Typically, the cost is $10 for a $25 coupon. The most common restrictions include exclusion of liquor, exclusion of Friday and Saturday, or a minimum purchase, often double the value of the coupons. You can search by location or cuisine or value of the coupon.

We are often asked for inexpensive options for groups. If you can go to a restaurant that is appealing and get 50% off of a $200 food bill, the savings can be meaningful. If you get on's mailing list, you'll receive frequent discount codes that further reduce your cost. For the next three days, if you type "SHARE" in the discount code box, you'll receive 80% off of the cost of a certificate.

Here are some of the almost 300 restaurants participating in the program, all places that have been talked about here: Otto; RM and almost all of the restaurants at Mandalay Bay; Naked City Sandwich Shop; Rosemary's; Origin India; Rampart Hotel Buffet; Pasta Shop; Top of the World; Grape St. Cafe; Marche Bacchus; Valentino; Memphis Championship Barbecue; T.C.'s Rib Shack; and many more.

Best of all, certificates are good for one year, so you can gather certificates when they present the best value. I've never had any problems redeeming them. Twice, restaurants have folded before I had a chance to visit them, and the site gives you a credit for the amount you paid.

One important point. Always tip the waitstaff on the *retail* value of the meal. Some restaurants have had problems with this, and include a mandatory tip on the undiscounted bill of 18%.

Memphis Championship Barbecue
1401 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Marche Bacchus
2620 Regatta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Origin India
4480 Paradise Road, Suite 1200, Las Vegas, NV 89169

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  1. is a similar site to

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    1. re: Eric

      Diningdough is owned by and uses their certificates. So why the separate site? No idea.

    2. Thanks for the tip on "Share" in the discount box. How do find out about the discounts?

      Also for those who are contemplating buying the certificates for Carlitos Burritos (recenlty featured on a local Vegas TV station) be aware the one time we ate there they told us they would not honor any certificates purchased after April 2010. I contacted and they indicated they still had a contract with Carlitos Burritos and when I checked last night their certificates are still available for purchase. It may be wise to call the restaurant before you buy them to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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      1. re: Philber

        All you need to do to get the discount codes is join the email list (there's a link on the home page) -- here it is:

        That's really annoying about Carlitos. keeps a record of your transactions -- my guess is that they'd refund your money on the certificate without a problem if you ask.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Thanks for the link!

          I agree. I have used certificates at numerous restaurants here in Las Vegas, and around the country for that mattter, and Carlitos is the only place I have had a concern.

          1. re: Philber

            But refunding the purchase price of the GC does not compensate you for spending $35-50 at that specific restaurant only to find out they won't accept your $10-25 GC. should give you the difference back. Otherwise, I would report both organizations to the BBB. You should not have to call the restaurant to find out if they "still" accept the GC. It's a bait and switch.

            1. re: grimaldi

              I always inform the server or host that I am going to use the certificate. It is not necessary, but I consider it a courtesy. I guess another reason this is a good policy is that you could be informed at that point the restaurant is not honoring the certificate. I'd vote with my feet in that situation.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                As Carlito's is an order at the counter and a server brings your meal type of place so we were told of their policy when I presented the gift certificate while ordering. Fortunately for us we had purchased ours prior to April and they honored it.

                I did find it disappointing that didn't seem to concerned about the situation, merely indicating they had a one year contract with the restaurant.

                1. re: Philber

                  Slightly off the main topic, but let's add here that while the Carlito's issues with should have been handled much better, they are worth searching out - just a small place in a strip mall, but genuine New Mexican cuisine (as in "State"), with vibrant sauces made from fresh chile's. When you go, register at the counter and you also get 10 percent off of all return visits.

                  1. re: QAW

           certificates no longer expire. Also, you do not receive a cash refund when a restaurant closes or decides to discontinue its participation, you will receive a credit in the form of a not restaurant specific certificate that you can use at a later date to acquire a similarly denominated restaurant specific certificate.