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Sep 20, 2010 04:02 PM

Dined at Avner Samuel's new restaurant "Nosh"

Had dinner at Avner's new place on Saturday night. He has cleverly opened "Nosh" in the old Aurora space on Oak Lawn. Good menu with loads of selections, bar with television and open kitchen with counter seats that look right into the kitchen if you really want to see them prepping your food..... We were a party of seven, 3 generations, and everyone was very pleased with their choices. We sampled the gazpacho, the wedge and the beet salads, the croque monsieur sandwich, the roast chicken, the halibut, the kobe burger, the short ribs and the flat iron steak. My only complaint would be that the steak came with too few roasted vegetables (artichoke, fennel, and onion) and that the restaurant was noisy - very difficult to hear and converse at our table of 7 but it was a Saturday night so perhaps week nights will be better. Price points were good, with most entrees at our table being under $20.00 with the exception of the halibut and maybe one other. Overall, a good experience and I will definitely go back - just booked again for Thursday evening.

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