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Sep 20, 2010 03:44 PM

Dinner and Breakfast in Waterville/Augusta, Maine area

Can you help with some recs? Is Cloud Nine a good dinner choice? Any lobster places that far inland? Is there a special place for breakfast? Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

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  1. Waterville and Augusta are two distinct areas. I hope others will chime in on Waterville but I can opine on Augusta.

    Is Cloud Nine a good choice? Depends on what you're looking for. I think they do basic preparations (e.g. grilled meats) well and have a varied menu (as warranted by a hotel resto) with salad entrees, good brick-oven pizzas, and raw bar. If you're staying at the hotel and don't feel like venturing out it will suit but there is better food to be had elsewhere.

    Also in Augusta proper is Riverfront BBQ. A few minutes farther away in neighboring Hallowell are quite a few good choices: Slates (eclectic/local sourced), Liberal Cup (excellent pub-style food), Hattie's Chowder House, Cafe de Bagkok (Thai/Sushi).

    Breakfast in Augusta: Bagel Mainea, Augusta House of Pancakes (full breakfast and lunch menus), Bond Brook Pancake House.

    There are no true "lobster shacks" in the area. The closest "shack"-type place is Sonny's Seafood in Readfield (15 minutes). They are primarily a retail market but added restaurant recently. Call to check for seasonal hours. Also, in Augusta, is Red Barn, a place that specializes in fried seafood of all kinds.

    Liberal Cup
    115 Water St Ste 1, Hallowell, ME 04347

    Hattie's Chowder House
    103 Water St, Hallowell, ME 04347

    Bond Brook Pancake House
    179 Mount Vernon Ave, Augusta, ME 04330

    Augusta House of Pancakes
    100 Western Ave, Augusta, ME 04330

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    1. re: HDinCentralME

      Slates in Hallowell is wonderful and not to be missed. It is only about 5 minutes away from Cloud Nine by car.

    2. For lobster, there is the Lobster Trap in Winslow. Not fine dining, but they will serve you a nice basic lobster to fill the need. In Waterville try the Last Unicorn or the mexican place right near the Railroad Cinema.

      Lobster Trap
      2840 W Side Rd, North Conway, NH 03860

      Last Unicorn
      8 Silver Ter, Waterville, ME 04901

      1. For dinner: Slates in Hallowell, Liberal Cup in Hallowell, Cloud Nine at the bar (less pricey), Last Unicorn in Waterville, Cancun Mexican in Waterville, or The Weathervane (new england chain seafood house that does a good job with simple boiled lobster dinners).
        Augusta House of Pancakes serves up a good lobster stew at lunch time.
        For Breakfast, Big G's in Winslow/Waterville , or The Early Bird Diner in Oakland/Waterville.

        Tubby's Ice Cream in Winthrop, about 15 minutes outside of Augusta, serves up one of the best lobster rolls in the state of Maine. I'm not sure if they've closed for the season but you can check their website.

        Liberal Cup
        115 Water St Ste 1, Hallowell, ME 04347

        Big G's
        581 Benton Ave, Winslow, ME

        Tubby's Ice Cream
        176 Main St, Wayne, ME 04284

        Early Bird Restaurant
        37 Main St, Oakland, ME 04963

        Cancun Mexican Restaurant
        14 Silver St, Waterville, ME 04901

        Augusta House of Pancakes
        100 Western Ave, Augusta, ME 04330

        Last Unicorn
        8 Silver Ter, Waterville, ME 04901

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        1. re: jackattack

          Jack-when you say Cloud Nine is less pricey at the bar...are you referring to a Bar Menu or something else (I know they have "Happy Hour" Pizza specials and such at bar only)?

          BTW, Tubby's in Winthrop is still open. They do have indoor seating and as far as I know plan to be year-round. (Whether there are sufficient Winthropians to support them thru winter is another question).

          1. re: HDinCentralME

            Regarding the recs for Augusta House of Pancakes, although it was about 2 years ago, one morning I experienced the best corned beef hash I had ever tasted. Not only delicious, the serving was huge.

        2. Apollo 91 Silver Street , Waterville, Maine 207-872-8736
          Dinner only Tue – Sat 5:30 – 10:00