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Favorite Atlanta Spot that is Never Mentioned

Hi Atlantans,
So I've been reading this board for maybe 2 years now and we all know the same spots we recommend to out-of-towners...but locals already know that Bacchanalia is the ultimate spot, where to go for BBQ, and the pathetic selection of "Southern food" we suggest to everyone who is here for one weekend. What I'm looking for is that restaurant that you never see on this board but think should be here. Is it your local Thai favorite? Is it a small, neighborhood spot that only people in the 3-mile radius around it is aware of? Is it where you go for dinner with close friends? Tell me your favorite restaurant that you never get a chance to recommend based on the requests for info posted here. I'll start with a couple: I love Haven for special occasions. It's casual and comfortable, but seasonal and reliable. We've never been disappointed here and that's the guarantee I want on a birthday/anniversary. I also love the Shumai and the ginger punch of special roll #2 at Sushi Mio in Sandy Springs.
Let's get some local knowledge for locals, not for out-of towners. Thanks!

Sandy Springs Cafe
6065 Roswell Rd NE Ste 100, Atlanta, GA 30328

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  1. try Le Petit Maison on Roswell Rd---owned by a French couple who do an excellent jo at country French cooking--their daily specials are incredible

    1. Nick's Food to Go on MLK Jr Drive.

      1. It's a place I rarely go, because it's so out of the way for me, but my family LOVES the stuffed, deboned chickens from the butcher on Roswell Road in Marietta. Ah - it's the Cajun Meat Company. http://www.cajunmeatcompany.com/

        The chicken stuffed with crawfish dressing is the best. My family's Cajun and can be critical of our Louisiana food, and this is a serious treat. The boudin (which is my absolute favorite Cajun delicacy) is not the best, sadly - not nearly spicy enough. Everything else is solid and authentic, though.

        Wow. I just double checked their menu to make sure they're still there. They have a PIG STUFFED WITH A TURDUCKEN. That is just absurd.

        1. If you are passing through Decatur and want to pick up something tasty and a little different to take home try Las Brasas Peruvian Style Chicken. The half Peruvian rotisserie chicken, sauteed veggies, and pinto beans with a little pico de gallo makes a hearty meal for one. Get a whole chicken and the large sides for two. The chicken is tasty without the huancaina sauce, which I think is an aquired taste.

          There is no place to eat inside and only a table or two outside so it's best when you are getting it to go unless you want a quick bite mid afternoon when the tables are usually empty


          Las Brasas
          310 E Howard Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

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            Great recommendation! I have friends in Decatur who are adjusting to being full-time working parents and struggling to get dinner made on weeknights. This sounds like a great "stop-on-the-way-home" option to avoid the dreaded Papa Johns order.

          2. I feel like Sushi House Hayakawa and Penang (both Buford Hwy spots) are under-recognized for their sushi and Malaysian fare, respectively.

            Han Il-Kwan is fantastic Korean food that I never see mentioned. Also Buford Hwy.

            I will keep thinking. Fun post.

            Sushi House Hayakawa
            5979 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30340

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              Belly General Store
              Trattoria IL Localino

              Belly General Store
              772 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

              467 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

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                ooh someone in my neighborhood- im definitely loving "Across the Street" right now for their chelada's (beer and lime juice over ice, salted rim) and queso (best in atlanta in my opinion).. skip the inside, go to the back patio- Highland Ave. Inman Park / o4w

              2. PS--i love Violettes on Clairmont.Went last night,again and its really very good,and priced right.Their Coquille st Jaq is excellent,nice piano music,good service--very relaxing place

                1. Souper Jenny for lunch, spicy tuna roll at Hashiguchi Jr. near Lenox, tasting menu at Woodfire Grill, Houston's anytime and of course, those blue cheese potato chips at Buckhead Diner.

                  Buckhead Diner
                  3073 Piedmont Road Northeast Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA 30305

                  Woodfire Grill
                  1782 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, GA 30324

                  1. I love Salt Factory and Inc Street Food in Roswell. I go with my husband and with the girls. I've had almost everything on the menu at both places. Some personal favorites at Salt are...the short ribs, the Roswell burger, the mussels, and the linguini with clams. At Inc you have to have the empanadas, beet salad and steak tacos. Both places run weekly specials that reflect the produce in season. Salt has a great selection of beer and Inc has a huge selection of tequila.

                    1. Tacqueria Los Hermanaos in Tucker- excellent Mexican food, and the tres leches cake is to die for.
                      MetroFresh in Midtown- tasty, health soups and sandwiches.
                      Hsu's Chinese and Asian Rim Pacific Bistro- both are gems in the otherwise bleak downtown dining scene.
                      And my local Thai favorite- L'Thai in the west village shopping center in Smyrna. Great Thai food and extensive wine list.