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HELP!!! Fist-Size Pyrex Bowl Stuck in Sink

Doing Dishes & the bowl went in the garbage disposal. Facing Up. Fits like a glove. How may I retrieve without breaking?

I tried to pluck it out with a butter knife (The spreading end) but that did not work..

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  1. I'm afraid you may have to remove the disposal. It is not hard, they come off pretty easily, but make sure you turn the power off.

    1. People smarter than me might debunk this, but I'd try:

      Running water into the OPPOSITE side of the sink, plugging that side up, ensuring that the sink vent is plugged, and running the disposal.

      Would that not cause a bit of back pressure? Whenever my disposal is clogged, the backwash comes up the drain on the opposite side of the sink.

      Maybe the converse holds true.

      If you do take out the disposal, turn it off AT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER.

      Good luck.

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        I know I'm respinding to an almost four year old post, but I would just unplug the disposal from the outlet.

      2. Would a toilet plunger be worth a try?

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          It occured to me that I should've specified a new plunger! I don't own one, so I'd consider it worth buying one at the hardware store if the other options don't work, and before taking apart the disposal. I'll be interested in learning if you solve this, and what worked.

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            Definately try the plunger. I had this happen where the plug for the garbage disposal side of the sink went in upside down with the sink full of water. Couldn't get it to come out because of the down-ward pressure of the water but the plunger worked.

          2. I like the "fill the other sink" suggestion. My thoughts are along those lines as well. Try to reduce the suction by:

            - filling the bowl with ice water in the hopes it contracts slightly and the suction is released

            - use a thin spatula and see if you can't ease it along the side of the bowl to break the seal

            - pour a bit of cooking oil around the base of the bowl and see if you can gently move the bowl side to side

            No science here...just guesses.

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              cooking oil does wonders. I got a plate wedged in my sink and that worked great.

            2. My mother did the same thing -- pyrex custard cup stuck in the drain. I was able to spin it a little to loosen, then was able to push on one side of the rim to tilt it so that a little bit of the rim, enough to grab with needlenose pliers, stuck up above the drain. If that hadn't worked, I'd also thought about filling the cup with ice to see if it would retract enough to slip a knife under the edge or to use hot water to see if it would rise up above the drain a few microns to grab it.

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                Needlenose pliers; perhaps that will work. I wouldn't think in a million years I'd have to remove the whole In-Sinkerator (sp) Garbage Disposal. It's not entirely in there, just laying on top.

                thanks for input..

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                  If it's just laying there....a suction cup would do the trick...yes?

              2. Use a suction cup like the kind used to attach/hang stuff to vertical surfaces (i.e. walls). 1 that's small enough to fit in bottom of pyrex dish but large enough that it has the needed pulling power.

                1. Sooooooooo...what happened?

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                  1. I'd try a combination of lubrication and temperature - oil the edges, as others have suggested, and fill the bowl with cold water and ice cubes to shrink it marginally.

                    1. I just did the same thing today, in fact just now. I filled the sink with hot water and soap suds first. Then I got the trusty bathroom plunger and used it. After a few times the bowl came out. I think the hot water and soap suds helped as it made the bowl silppery enough to slide right out.

                      Thanks to all of your for your suggestions.

                      Before reading this I was going to use a hammer and screwdriver to break the bowl.

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                        These were excellent suggestions, and I'm glad you found a hammerless solution. I have had to resort to your last resort option before, so now I'm wiser if it happens again. Thanks Hounds!

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                          The hammer was the last resort lol. I was not about to call the plumber. I will be more careful in the future about drain sized dishes.

                      2. Using a small suction cup worked well for me. Thank you, likefood! (If you don't know what I mean, I mean this: https://www.wincraftschool.com/_asset...).

                        1. first` if you have a teenager who has taken physics` offer him or her $5.00 to get it out. took mine about 1 minute to get a heavy rock glass out that fell into the disposal and was exactly the size of the hole. He used his fingers to tilt one side of the glass upwards` using his other hand and fingers to keep tilting the glass on different sides upwards, like shimmying. Amazing what 5.00 and a physics class will do! He said thanks to his physics teacher, it was a piece of cake.