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Sep 20, 2010 02:48 PM

Langer's is Jonathan Gold's choice to cater his own funeral in the very very very distant future.

Even thought he's not going away anytime soon food critic Jonathan Gold picked Langer's Deli to cater his funeral."In my family, funerals are occasions to stuff down truly heroic amounts of deli, and when I have to go, I will die as I lived: seen off with Langer's pastrami." What would you pick?

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  1. Good choice.

    While driving home today on the freeway, I was wondering when another authentic Jewish deli would open up in LA. Delis seem like they are a thing of the past.

    I would rather have another Langer's or Nat n' Al's ... but it is unlikely to happen.

    Langer's Pastrami on Rye ... I have yet to try anything else.

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    1. re: SilverlakeGirl

      Funny you ask. Last night in Old Town Pasadena we saw that something called the "New York Deli" is coming soon. I'm always suspect of "New York" in the name of deli (I can say that as a former NY'er), but the photos looked impressive. Raymond, just north of Colorado. Don't know when.

      In the meantime, there are some here (myself included) who are partial to Billy's Deli in Glendale. It's not Langer's by any means, but more than okay. It could also be that there's no other deli remotely around the Northeast area, so there ya go.

      Billy's Deli & Cafe
      5160 W 190th St, Torrance, CA 90503

      1. re: Briggs

        I'm a big fan of Billy's and agree it's not Langer's. For the record, Billy's has been endangered for decades as Glendale has grown. I'd say as far back as 25 years ago, there were persistent rumors it would be razed.

        Keep us posted if the new deli Pasadena is a REAL Jewish deli or just a name. I'm guessing there are only about a half dozen left in LA County. Somehow, Pasadena ...

        1. re: Briggs

          >> I'm always suspect of "New York" in the name

          Indeed. Johnnie's New York Pizzeria is the most flagrant offender.

          Mr Taster

          Johnnie's New York Pizzeria
          3183 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

          1. re: Briggs

            My father-in-law passed away a few months ago, and I chose Billy's to cater the post-funeral gathering at his house -- largely for logistical reasons; I had never eaten there. I was very happy with both the food and the service, as were the large number of old Jews at the gathering. I particularly liked their potato salad, and the mini-knishes were also very good.

            1. re: Briggs

              This "New York Deli" is apparently an outpost of a place from Torrance. I found these links. Anyone famliar with it?



              [Edited to add: Wow, is that one awful restaurant website. All I know is that they have the "biggest sandwich in town."]

              1. re: Jordan

                I love the line:

                "It was 1985 when a husband and wife, who had a magnificent recipe for an authentic New York style sandwich, opened the New York Deli in Torrance, CA."

                Priceless! It goes on:

                "It was then, when it was possible to find a slice of New York in Torrance. The sandwich was an immediate success and was soon being raved about all around the
                South Bay."

                What could possibly be in this "New York sandwich" recipe that makes it the rage of the South Bay? I'm dying to know!

                Mr Taster

                New York Deli
                2225 Sepulveda Blvd # 7, Torrance, CA

                1. re: Mr Taster

                  Why is PR for a business "priceless"? I can see you're quite skeptical, but I'm more wait and see. NY Deli may very well blow, but since I haven't read anything negative about it here, until I try it...

                  BTW - when Johnnie's Pizza first opened in Venice/Marina in the early 80s, it was pretty ok. Haven't had it since I moved from there in '91.

                  1. re: Briggs

                    We still get Johnnie's on occasion (the one on Olympic and Barrington) and I like their "thin" crust version. They also offer whole "roasted" garlic cloves as one of their toppings (you need to confirm that at least twice to make sure you get that and not the raw, minced garlic) and they also have both "sweet" and " spicy" Italian sausage. All in all it's not bad pizza if you don't have them give you an undercooked one (hence my preference for the thin crust version which seems to avoid that issue most of the time).

            2. re: SilverlakeGirl

              Not sure how faithful to the original (i.e. Kosher dairy) it will actually be but there was this item on EaterLA:


              1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                My second choice to Langer's would definitely be the In n Out Burger truck.

                1. re: wienermobile

                  In n Out's burger truck's burgers are just like the brick & mortars'. We got chips though - no fries - maybe they were being merciful. ;)

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    We've been going to the In n Out Truck since I was a kid, and they ALWAYS gave Chips because they don't like to travel with Fryer... Honestly though, I like the Lays chips better than their fries... LOL! Cheese Burger, Animal Style with Lays Chips added on top... YUM!! ;D


              2. Park's so I can OD on pork belly

                1. The original comment has been removed
                  1. I guess I would have Langers & Tommy's