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Sep 20, 2010 01:56 PM

Banu on Queen Street

Has anyone tried this Persian place yet? I have heard that it's fun and lively but have no idea if it's any good. Thoughts?

777 Queen St West, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1, CA

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  1. The food is deilcious and definitely a fun atmosphere. Lamp chops, chicken, tenderloin - all excellent. Meat is all organic. Eggplant dip, nanopaneer and the yogurt dip are favs for appetizers. Fresh fruit martinis - especially the sour cherry - are great too. Go - you will love it.

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      Yes I was going to ask my SO to take me on my birthday - I think I will go ahead and do so!

      1. re: Arcadiaseeker

        I haven't been in about 1.5 years but the last time I went it was good.

        However, some Persian friends went more recently for a birthday and were not impressed with the food or the service they received.

        I just ate at Sheherzade on Saturday and quite enjoyed my dizi over there. I'd recommend that place for a nice dinner of Persian food.

        The only positive Banu has over it is that Banu serve their meats over lavash(thin middle eastern bread) that soaks up the juices of the meat whereas Sheherzade serves their meat with rice. I like both styles but it depends on my mood.

        777 Queen St West, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1, CA

    2. I find their grilled meats are unbeatable, certainly when compared to other Persian restaurants, and even with most other grilled preparations (except steak which is in a different category).

      They're marinated, succulent and sourced from Cumbrae's. The portions are on the small side for the price you pay IMO, but the quality is consistently excellent.

      While service is friendly, it can be quite slow, particularly if you have a group larger than 4. So pass the time with their vodkas or a Hendricks G&T (which they make with macerated cucumber). Their wine list leaves A LOT to be desired, with only something like 4 reds on offer.

      Despite its flaws, I still find myself returning there semi-regularly. The meat (esp the torsh and lamb chops) are utterly irresistible.