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Sep 20, 2010 01:52 PM

Blending wine class in town of Napa - moved from Wine board

I found a website that showed daily classes in blending your own wine. It wasn't Crushpad. This was a one-time affair, about 3 hours, 3pm everyday. Can't find it now. Does that ring a bell with anyone? Or is there anyplace else in Napa/Sonoma valleys that does a one-off class (I'm an out of towner) where you can do this? (I think Copia did this at one time before they closed)

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  1. Conn Creek does blending sessions, although looking at their website they are two-hour classes offered twice a day (so probably not the one you were thinking of).

    And there's Crushpad, but you already seem to know about that.

    1. Quite a few wineries offer blending seminars: Phelps, Paraduxx, Jarvis, Chateau St. Jean, Ravenswood, Bourassa. (I think the first three listed are best; Jarvis is especially interesting.) But there are many more -- do a Google search or call the Napa Valley Vintners Association.