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Sep 20, 2010 01:26 PM

German Restaurant in Mon County. Oktoberfest?

Anyone know of any good German restaurants in Monmouth County? Oktoberfest is going on right now and I could really go for some schnitzel and kraut, oh a stein of beer of course.


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  1. sadly the places we had in Red Bank have gone kaput.

    1. Sebastian's Schnitzel Haus near Fort Dix. ( I know, not Monmouth County ) Have not tried it yet, but has been recommended to me a number of times...

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      1. re: tuxedo

        Unfortunately, while the food at Sebastian's is good, it is BYOB.
        If you are willing to make the track into Philly, Brauhaus Schmitz is the place for you!

      2. I know nothing about this place which I happened to read about on-line. Perhaps others could comment.

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            1. re: arpad

              geesh! so we have been totally de-germanced around here.

              1. re: Mr. Bingley

                Yup, German restaurants are becoming very scarce. Pretty soon we'll be trying to find places that serve the occasional German dish.


          1. Schneiders in Avon. Hear good things. Have never been. BYO


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            1. re: fershore

              I would expect a BYO place might put a kink in the Oktoberfest atmosphere...

              1. re: fershore

                I've been to Schneiders and I wouldn't call it a German restaurant. It is a restaurant with some German food on it's menu and a German name.
                BTW, they have delicious home-made ice cream.