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Sep 20, 2010 01:17 PM

Road Trip from New Orleans, through Eugene, Corvallis, and to Portland

Hello all,
I am a New Orleanian trying to plan a road trip with my boyfriend and two insane dogs this winter. We are interested in moving to the Portland area for graduate school and want to do some road trippin to check out the goods. I would like to travel up through Eugene and Corvallis as well, as there are some great universities in these towns. I have been doing my research, but we've never driven in the snow (much less a possible snow storm while driving through the Rockies), and we're going to be driving a Nissan Versa there. Maybe not too smart to drive from New Orleans to Denver, then on to Portland?

So the other option is for us to drive through Texas, stay in Tucson or Phoenix, then drive up Cali into Eugene, then Corvallis, then Portland for a few days. This tacks on a few more hours to the trip, but I think it may be more wise to do this than drive in a tiny car in the Rockies.

If anyone can offer any advice on this, it would be greatly appreciated, as we are road trip neophytes. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Hi CW, though you spanned 10 boards in your request, my routing would say I 10 to I 25 to I 40
    to Ca 58 to I 5.
    Don't forget Southern Oregon where the Skiing is great, the beer is wonderful and the wine is fine, + we have palm trees so you'd feel right at home.

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      Oh wow! Thank you so much for the link. I've never seen this school.. Hmmmm

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        we have fun down here + it is a tremendous growing food scene.

    2. CW......You did bypass several boards. That's OK. We will help you. I'm a southern boy 5 hours N of NOLA and I can taste the food right now. I disagree with the southern route on I 10 to I 25 to I 40 to I 5. You will find snow in NM, AZ and CA in the winter time too. And CA is a highly populated state where traffic can be bad at times. I would not drive I 5 the entire length of CA myself because of traffic. That route from southern CA to OR is about 1/3 of your trip. The other 2/3 is through less populated areas which is fine.

      I have been to ID many times. I would go to Dallas, TX then I 35 N to Salina, KS then I 80 W to Denver, CO. You can bypass Denver then take I 25 N to Cheyenne, WY. Go W on I 80 to UT. Take I 84 W through UT and ID to Portland, OR. The route through TX, OK, KS, CO, WY and ID are not highly populated areas. You will not have traffic as bad as you will see when you get W of AZ.

      I assume Portland, OR is your destination. If you want to arrive at Portland, OR from Southern OR through Corvallis, OR and Eugene, OR you may have to cut over to I 5 before you get to Portland, OR.

      I can help you through LA, TX, KS, CO, WY and ID to Oregon. You need to post a message on the Central South board of your intentions as well as the Texas board. I assume you are looking for some road food along the way. I will see your post and help you on this route through KS and WY.

      If you choose to go the southern route go ahead and post on the Central South board your intentions as well as the Texas board and the Southwest Board. I can help you get good road food through TX, NM and Arizona also. After that you will need some help from the CA board. I can then help you in OR too along with the good folks on the Pacific Northwest board.

      There will be snow in KS, CO, WY and Idaho but use good judgement. It's 2,700 miles from NOLA to Portland, OR. Drive about 8 hours a day and you will make it in 5 days or less. Take your time. The Interstate will be clear of snow in the daytime. If you get in a bad snowstorm just stop for a day until it clears.

      Once you make your mind up on your route post on the Central South and Texas boards. I will help you from there. Good luck.