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Sep 20, 2010 11:39 AM

Cooking with Chinese Haw Flakes

Help me out here 'Hounds.

I've got about 20 lbs of haw flakes (don't ask me how, but suffice to say I did not buy these).

While I enjoyed eating these as a kid, and still do, there's just too much to consume straight up.

And can't really use these as Halloween treats because they are not individually wrapped.

Ok, so now I've come to terms that I've got to use these in one fashion or another.

So far, I've got ...

... Chocolate chip and haw flake ice cream
... Oatmeal haw flake cookies
... Crushed and mixed with Panko for "Swedish" meatballs
... Melted down with some lime juice and simple syrup and used as a syrup for cheesecake

Any other ideas?

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  1. I've had haw flakes in chinese/malay style layer cakes ("kueh") back in Malaysia. You pour the batter, stud it with the haw flakes, pour more batter, stud with flakes, etc. When you cool it and slice it, you've got the multi kueh layers and the pink/red of the haw flakes.

    I also found this recipe for Haw Flake butter cookies -- may have to try this over the weekend as we've got 30-40 rolls of flakes at home. My 7yo son loves the things.

    1. Cook a bunch of haw flakes (till they melt) and use that to pour over home cooked sweet & sour pork to give it a more natural tart and sweet flavor.

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        Oh yeah! How could I forget that application. Thanks.

      2. My brother could totally finish off all 20lbs...

        Throw it in a food processor until it's a fine powder...replacement for glass rim sugar for cocktails? Macaron?

        1. You can also use the haw flakes to make 桂花酸梅湯 (Osmanthus sour plum drink), though you will need dried citrus peel, osmanthus, maybe a little apple, honey, liquorice and of course plum.

          1. I like the savory panko idea. How about crushing and using them for uramaki?