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Sep 20, 2010 10:07 AM

Freezer alarm?

OK, so I had a freezer (in the garage) go 'dark' for...who knows how long? Everything was warm & stinky, total loss, freezer had to go, and we got a new one.
Just realized the NEW one was off, food still cold, crisis averted. I think I need a freezer alarm! Any recommendations?

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    1. Not an alarm, but to be able to decide your course of action if the freezer loses power: Put an ice cube in each of several small glass jars with metal lids (plastic breathes). Baby food jars are ideal. Space them around in the freezer - front, back, bottom, top, and in the middle of the contents. If the power goes out you can tell how warm the interior got by looking at the ice. This is especially helpful if there's an outage while you are away. If the ice melted and refroze, you know the temp was above 32.