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Sep 20, 2010 09:09 AM

what is your favorite cod recipe?

The grocery store where I shop frequently has good prices on cod and I need some good recipes. Thanks!

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  1. I have been meaning to make this in the near future:

    Brazilian Fish Stew

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      I agree that a moqueca is a fine vehicle for cod, but I have a few issues with that recipe.

      1) There are two styles of Moqueca, the Moqueca Baiana and the Moqueca Capixaba. This receipe claims to be a Moqueca baiana, but includes "paprika" which you would only see a Moqueca Capixaba and also the "azeite doce" (olive oil) which also has no place in a moqueca baiana. Some style guidelines:

      a) Azeite de dende (palm oil) in Bahia is used in a moqueca, in Espirito Santo its used for motor oil :-)
      b) Azeite de oliva in Espirito Santo is used for a moqueca, in Bahia Azeite Doce (olive oil) is used by mae-de-santos in Candomble
      c) Paprika is not used in a Bahian moqueca, the dende serves that function, it is used in Espirito Santo although the traditional coloring would be urucum (annatto powder or oil is what you would use here)
      d) Coconut Milk is used primarily in Bahia and while many say it has no place in a Moqueca Capixaba, there are cooks in the North of Espirito Santo which include it (but no dende). So in a round-about way this is closer to a modified Moqueca Capixaba than what the author says she is making.
      e) Its worth using proper Brazilian peppers instead of the red pepper flakes, in particular the pimenta malagueta would be used. You can get this and dende (in small quantities) fairly easily at a Brazilian market. If absolutely necessary, I would use slices of hot red italian peppers or something similar and decrease the amount of bell pepper.

      2) A moqueca is much better made with bone in fish, so get your cod cut into steaks. BTW, I am not a big advocate for frying the fish ahead, but given the flakiness of cod (and that it takes seasoning well) some people would fry it quickly before hand. The head of the fish is used to make a stock, which is cooked with mandioca flour and seasonings to make a porridge (pirao). (Note if you did go ahead and make the recipe as the author wrote it, a rice flour pirao with coconut milk would be something I would make to go with it).

      3) Here are a couple of better recipes, one for a moqueca capixaba and other baiana (the urucum in the baiana is not needed, malagueta would be much more common than pimenta de cheiro, although if substituting I would personally use "pimenta do bode" which gives a medium heat and nice scent). For Cod I would go with the capixaba.
      4) The rice isn't great in my opinion. Brazilian garlic rice doesn't usually use onion or olive oil (although there are recipes which do) particularly in this case. Make a paste of the garlic and salt (and probably 4 times as much as specified) and use canola or soy or corn oil.

    2. miso glased cod
      potato wrapped cod

      1. Fish and Chips.

        Grilled, and used in a fish sandwich.

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          Hard to beat battered and fried with some good tartar sauce!

          1. Marian Morash has a wonderful recipe for braised kale and cod. She used to share recipes on the old PBS Victory Garden show. This is my go-to recipe for a very tasty and healthy cod dinner:

            Wash and prep kale leaves. Drain the chopped leaves but leave some water on them. Fry some chopped garlic till golden. Add the drained leaves, season with salt & pepper cover and cook for about 10 minutes. Place cod fillets on top of the kale, skin side down if on the fish. Cover and cook for another 6-10 minutes or till the fish is done to your liking depending on the thickness of the fillets. For me it's about 10 minutes but I watch it like a hawk. Served with rice or a lovely crusty bread...A nice white wine...

            1. I recently poached cod fillets on a spicy bed of chorizo, peppers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, chicken broth, wine and smoked paprika. It was really lovely.