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Eating At The Noble Pig In Austin

My father has long maintained that the hog is the most noble of animals.

While we wait for Raymond Tatum to open his pig cart we can content ourselves with The Noble Pig.

Who's been?


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  1. omg they had me at duck pastrami.

    i am usually on the other side of 183 but it's not too far out of the way.

    maybe this area is going to have more spots open up.
    stuffed (the cajun meat market) is near there too.

    1. I stopped by for lunch and ordered the smoked pork (belly, I think) BLT, which was recommended by John who I believe is an owner/chef. Wow, it was delicious, with a smokey (but not too smokey), melt in your mouth goodness. The made in house bread was great as was the mayo or aioli on the sandwich. I'll definitely be back... next time for the duck pastrami or the Noble Pig sandwich. The menu is so unique, especially for Northwest Austin / Cedar Park. I intend to try everything!

      1. I made it over there today.
        The food: I had the Oyster Po-Boy. I think it was somewhat of an existential crisis for me that it wasn't on french bread (I had it on wheat), but I got over it and enjoyed a tasty sandwich. I wished the remoulade had more of a kick, but they serve theirs with bacon, which is a nice touch. Sandwich and a soda worked out to about $9
        The intangibles: The music was Van Morrison, which I heartily approve of, the restaurant was really clean, and the food came out fast, always a plus at lunch.
        Not quite ready to take on foodheads, but I will be back. A great new option here in the NW.

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          Whoa! Who opened up this delicious place less than a mile from my house?? I know what I'm having for lunch this weekend! I'll report back after.

        2. These guys are awesome! It's also worth noting they serve breakfast, too - starting at 6 am *groan!*. Saturday, we plan on checking out the blueberry waffle with sausage and scrambled egg.

          1. A friend and I went on Friday. We split the duck pastrami and noble pig sandwiches. Both were excellent, but the noble pig was off the charts. I can't wait to go back to try the BLT and some of the others.

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            1. re: PappyAustin

              After reading these posts this morning, a friend and I went and split those same two sandwiches. I agree with all of the positive reviews here. The owners were really nice, so keep spreading the word......

              I forgot to ask if they serve breakfast during lunchtime.

              1. re: rudeboy

                Also tried those two, and agree. They start serving lunch at 10:30 and stop serving breakfast at noon.

            2. Does anyone know if they are open on weekends? I can't make it out there during the week.

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                According to the menu I picked up, they are open Mon - Thurs, 6 am to 3 pm, Fri - Sun, 6 am to 5 pm.

              2. We ate at the Noble Pig yesterday 9/29/2010... 620 and the corner of El Salido Pkwy in North Austin...I had the Noble pig (spicy ham, pulled pork, provolone and bacon) it was fabulous. My daughter had the Duck Pastrami (smoked duck pastrami) equally as fabulous (we shared). We also tried the Jalapeno Slaw (delicious), potato salad (yummy) and their pickles (YUMMO). I really enjoyed the cute, quaint atmosphere, the record player playing cool music (YES record player...VINYL). I love the fact that it is all FRESH and homemade (the bread is sooo YUMMY), which is hard to come by these days. The owners both came out and introduced themselves (Brandon and John). I look forward to going back and trying other sandwhiches on the menu. Maybe the Thai Chicken? or the Grilled Chorizo? My daughter will definetely be back for the Duck Pastrami again (she's HOOKED).

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                  The Noble Pig is the real deal and should be on anyone's short list of sandwich shops in town. Too bad it's so far north (off of 620 near lakeline mall). Sunday's sammies we tried were the roasted tomato / Mozz (white bread) and the noble pig (wheat). We tried the soup du jour - cream of onion. The tomato sandwich was lovely with dark roasted roma's, nice big hunks of fresh mozz, but we both agreed needed more flavor. Maybe a good strong slathering of pesto. The Noble was outstanding, a horseradishy mustard married well with the pork, ham, and bacon. Might could use some more "veggies", but was great. The soup came with two slices of warm soft house made bread slathered with a roasted garlic spread. I've never had cream of onion soup before, but it was a leeky and delicate soup that I can't wait to eat again. must be some nutmeg in there. very nice. I'd say slight detractors are that the portions could be 20% bigger, the wait 20% shorter, and the sandwiches 20% greasier (grilled buttered breads instead of toasted). Worth the drive, and next time it'll be the smoked porkbelly BLT and the chorizo, I can't wait. Both are house made / smoked.

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                    The 620/183 area is actually a great place for eating. The Osaka next to the Half Price Books has great sushi rolls. Across the street from TNP is a cajun bakery. The North Kirby Lane is there with a lot more room for seating than the downtown places. There's an Alamo Drafthouse there. And, of course, the proximity to the mall means lots of shopping locations as well.

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                      as someone who lives and works in this area, i am very appreciative of the places that have opened up.

                2. Picked up an oyster po boy and a noble pig sandwich for lunch today. We were VERY disappointed. Sad to say the food was the worst we've had in a while.

                  The oyster po boy really isn't....this was more of an oyster mush panini....the sandwich isn't on french bread, and there are no discernible fried oysters. The "oysters" had an overwhelming metallic taste. I'm sorry to say this sandwich was inedible.

                  The noble pig sandwich didn't fare much better, the pork dry (and IMO, a slight "soapy" flavor). $8 a sandwich.

                  The proprietor was very nice and the shop is very clean...but I don't think we would be going back.

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                  1. re: janeydee123

                    Had a friend pick up to go order on Sunday and was saddened based on all the positive reviews here.
                    We got the Noble pig which had very little flavor and meat and the BLT which was primarly fat (and not the good kind, but grissle). Sandwiches were small for the $7-8 and seemed thrown together last minute.

                    Wondering if you need to eat there to get the real quality others have experienced.
                    Definitely didn't seem worth the $

                    1. re: amykragan

                      Well, I confess, I have been holding back. Based on the great reviews here, I drove out there and got the Noble Pig. By my way of looking at it, it was a mass of meat on two toasted slices of bread. The meat was kind of balled up in the middle of the bread. The spread had a nice flavor as did the meat, but I was disappointed by the build up here, expecting a great sandwich, instead got a blob of meat between two pieces of bread. The potato salad side was good but the potatos were undercooked, or at least, I don't care for crunch potatos. I don't think it is worth the drive out there from central Austin. Sorry, to disagree with what appears to be an otherwise enthusiastic fan base. The guys are nice, and I wish them success. They do have sort of an oasis in a land of the bland setting, to quote Amysue.

                      1. re: singlemalt

                        I went to the Noble Pig with a friend and we had the Duck Pastrami and the Noble Pig. We both thought that the Duck Pastrami was the better of the two. The Noble Pig was pretty good, but it didn't have enough texture difference. The Duck Pastrami had crunch from the pickles, and the acidity of the pickles also complemented the richness of the duck pastrami. The NP sandwich was all meat and cheese and no crunch or sharpness to complement the richness of the pork and cheese. Personally, I would love it if they would take some influence from the tried and true cuban sandwich and add some crunch in there. Didn't try the Potato Salad, but we both thought the Jalapeno Cole Slaw was outstanding, and plan to try the Thai Chicken Sandwich which has the slaw in it. I think they do have some work to do to hone their sandwiches, but I think they are on the right track, and just need to work out some of the kinks. I wouldn't have minded some more potato chips on the plate though.

                  2. I had the oyster "poboy" (but it ain't a poboy on sandwich bread) and it was pretty good. I didn't really enjoy the remoulade. It was pretty underwhelming like a bland mayo. They forgot to put hte bacon on it so it ended up being pretty one dimensional flavor wise. The bacon came later on a piece of wax paper. It was good bacon but would have been better on the sandwich.

                    I don't remember the in's and out's of the potato salad, but I did enjoy it.

                    The bread is amazing. I bought a loaf for $3 and ate paninis and French toast for the next three days. If you go, pick up a loaf to take home. It is super good.

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                    1. re: tokyomonamour

                      I wish we could get some of that Leidenheimer bread up here in Austin...... THEN we could have us some real po-boys!

                    2. Just went there for lunch today. I had the BLT, and I am not trying to be really melodramatic, but it was a freaking awesome BLT. the thick cut house smoked bacon was so flavorful. It was dripping with yummy grease and juice. That mixed with the perfectly applied mayonaise. Nice leaves of lettuce, and an actual flavorful ripe (maybe local?) tomato. I got it on wheat bread, and the bread was slightly griddled. this was a really thoughtfully put together, delicious sandwich. Of course the sides of freshly pickled veggies and the ruffled chips were nice, but the sandwich was in a totally different universe. It really was that good. And I honestly don't think or say that about too many meals I've had.

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                      1. re: ChrisStein

                        I recently tried the Noble Pig sandwich and was less than impressed. But, now I shall return and try this magical BLT you speak of.

                      2. I am a vegetarian but recently went to this shop with a friend. I had the deviled egg sandwich. It was great. I loved that they put the intact deviled egg directly on the (wonderful fresh) bread. It gave the sandwich a better mouth feel than the traditional egg salad mush. My friend had the noble pig and enjoyed it. The meat was very moist. That coupled with the soft fresh bread could be the reason the sandwiches don't travel all that well. In the shop they were excellent!

                        1. Just had lunch there on Sunday. The Noble Pig Sandwich was delicious, juicy and sharp with that housemade mustard. I thought there was plenty of meat on the sandwich, not wimpy at all. Potato salad was not at all undercooked (and the presence of olives was a nice surprise, not too many, just enough). If I have any complaints, it's that the sandwich was just a tad too salty with all three kinds of meats being strong in the flavor department. Perhaps the problems reported in this thread are just little inconsistencies that is fairly common with a new restaurant.

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                            Also of note: the oyster Po'boy has been replaced by the Creole catfish sandwich on the menu:

                          2. Wow. It's quite a drive from my office (183/Burnet). Got the duck, and while tasty probably not worth the drive out there. I did, however, stop by Stuffed and picked up some frozen crawdaddy pies (from Natchitoches!!! Be still my beating heart!) and some etouffee. They were serving lunch there as well and from what I saw/smelled I think I'll need to make another pilgrimage out that way.

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                            1. re: amysuehere

                              ugh...it's sitting like a stone in my stomach...

                                1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                  No, no...the duck sandwich! Stuffed stuff still in the freezer.

                              1. NB is now doing dinners:


                                The Noble Pig will be hosting its first monthly dinner series on December 11th and we would like for you to be a part of it. Call or email us to for reservations:
                                512-382-6248 or noblepigaustin [at] gmail.com

                                January 8th 7:00 pm
                                4 course local market menu
                                55 per person


                                Warm winter vegetable salad with a bagna caoda dressing, white truffle oil and hazelnuts

                                Duck tortellini with shaved duck pastrami and a parmesan-egg sauce

                                Pork and Beans

                                Corned pork belly, roasted loin and crispy trotters with white beans, edamame and Russian kale

                                Rustic apple tart with crème friache-apple granita and spiced caramel

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                                  1. re: jwynne2000

                                    it does sound deliciously porktastic.

                                    1. re: dinaofdoom

                                      Yummmy! it was beyond a Ham cheese sandwich..silly ol menu calling it a Ham and cheese sandwich. Then of course I had to sample everyone else's The Noble pig was juicy goodness..the egg sandwich was amazing The bread!!!! WOW the pickles oh my so good

                                1. adpages.com has a noble pig deal.
                                  not sure when the deal ends...
                                  $5 for $10, expires 09/21/11, can use 2 vouchers per visit.


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                                  1. really excited about the noble pig's new market!
                                    charcuterie, bread, and house-made condiments plus some grab n go stuff.


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                                    1. re: dinaofdoom

                                      Sweet! I am fully in support of them expanding without moving. Having charcuterie and fresh loafs of bread readily available for sale half a mile from my house is going to be seriously dangerous...my freezer is already stocked full of meats from Stuffed.

                                      1. re: verily

                                        i'm at 620 and parmer, so while it's not the stumbling distance you enjoy, it's still just a short drive.
                                        so far, we have vivo, stuffed and noble pig, and then torchy's a little further down.

                                        perhaps a far NW austin renaissance is underway.
                                        i sure hope so!

                                    2. The new "deli" adjacent to the restaurant is open.

                                      I purchased a couple slices of their duck breast pate, and a loaf of their honey wheat oatmeal round bread baked that day. Made an open-faced sandwich that evening for dinner. Just the duck pate on a slice of the bread, toasted.

                                      First bite - hmm this is different.
                                      Second bite - this is kinda good.
                                      Third bite - OK I'm addicted.

                                      (I've never had duck breast pate)

                                      Small thing - it's very cool how the blue checked "butcher paper" around the duck pate matches their floor color and pattern in the adjacent restaurant. Someone had to make a conscious decision to find that blue checked butcher paper. It made me smile.


                                      Noble Pig makes the most delicious scrambled eggs, biscuits, and gravy I've had in years and years. All for $5.

                                      Don't hate me for saying this, but I think they are under-pricing their breakfast items by $2 each. It worries me to see significant under-pricing, because I want a place like this to have staying power. If the owners aren't making a good enough profit, they can't hire enough people, then they will get too exhausted, won't have time for new ideas, etc.

                                      And their menu item just says something like "milk biscuits and gravy". It doesn't mention the perfectly scrambled eggs you receive at all! If they can't re-paint their sign, they should at least fix the website to mention the scrambled eggs!

                                      Noble Pig is certainly the most delicious AND best value breakfast in Austin.

                                      1. Ah, this thread has resurfaced. I finally tried it a few months ago, and got the namesake Noble Pig sammy. What a disappointment! It's about 90% bread, and 10% meat. The meat is a small lump of grey unappealing mess. You will not be able to differentiate any of the three meat favors. The bread is great, though. Which is a shame, because with a name like Noble Pig, I expected it to be all about the meat. I left hungry.

                                        With so many good reviews, I want to try it again. But I'll be getting something else....

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                                        1. re: LakeLBJ

                                          I've had the Noble Pig on a few occasions and it was always very satisfying, so maybe you were just there on an off day? Either way, sorry.

                                          Perhaps consider the Duck Pastrami, I've really enjoyed that in the past too.

                                          1. re: LakeLBJ

                                            Wow, the noble pig sandwich was GREAT when I had it. Tons of meat, huge, delicious. And my friend said the BLT was the best she's ever had. I really wish that place was closer so I'd have an excuse to eat there again, and often.

                                            1. re: hlk

                                              Also keep in mind, you can have them add bacon or more bacon to anything.

                                            2. re: LakeLBJ

                                              Have the beef tongue sandwich. It is in my opinion their best sandwich with that pepper relish and the charred green onions.