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Sep 20, 2010 09:06 AM

Eating At The Noble Pig In Austin

My father has long maintained that the hog is the most noble of animals.

While we wait for Raymond Tatum to open his pig cart we can content ourselves with The Noble Pig.

Who's been?

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  1. omg they had me at duck pastrami.

    i am usually on the other side of 183 but it's not too far out of the way.

    maybe this area is going to have more spots open up.
    stuffed (the cajun meat market) is near there too.

    1. I stopped by for lunch and ordered the smoked pork (belly, I think) BLT, which was recommended by John who I believe is an owner/chef. Wow, it was delicious, with a smokey (but not too smokey), melt in your mouth goodness. The made in house bread was great as was the mayo or aioli on the sandwich. I'll definitely be back... next time for the duck pastrami or the Noble Pig sandwich. The menu is so unique, especially for Northwest Austin / Cedar Park. I intend to try everything!

      1. I made it over there today.
        The food: I had the Oyster Po-Boy. I think it was somewhat of an existential crisis for me that it wasn't on french bread (I had it on wheat), but I got over it and enjoyed a tasty sandwich. I wished the remoulade had more of a kick, but they serve theirs with bacon, which is a nice touch. Sandwich and a soda worked out to about $9
        The intangibles: The music was Van Morrison, which I heartily approve of, the restaurant was really clean, and the food came out fast, always a plus at lunch.
        Not quite ready to take on foodheads, but I will be back. A great new option here in the NW.

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          Whoa! Who opened up this delicious place less than a mile from my house?? I know what I'm having for lunch this weekend! I'll report back after.

        2. These guys are awesome! It's also worth noting they serve breakfast, too - starting at 6 am *groan!*. Saturday, we plan on checking out the blueberry waffle with sausage and scrambled egg.

          1. A friend and I went on Friday. We split the duck pastrami and noble pig sandwiches. Both were excellent, but the noble pig was off the charts. I can't wait to go back to try the BLT and some of the others.

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            1. re: PappyAustin

              After reading these posts this morning, a friend and I went and split those same two sandwiches. I agree with all of the positive reviews here. The owners were really nice, so keep spreading the word......

              I forgot to ask if they serve breakfast during lunchtime.

              1. re: rudeboy

                Also tried those two, and agree. They start serving lunch at 10:30 and stop serving breakfast at noon.