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Sep 20, 2010 08:40 AM

Looking for quiet lunch place to catch up with old friend in Trumbull/Stratford/Southport area

Hello. A friend and I are meeting for lunch in the Trumbull/Stratford/Southport area and I'd love to get some ideas for good restaurants where we can sit and talk and catch up. Anywhere in that general area would be great.


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  1. Osianna in Fairfield is nice...Martel in Fairfield...The Gray Goose in Southport...not sure how quiet they all are, but all have good food.

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    1. re: sibeats

      Forget Osianna, great food, but no room between tables, not conducive to private or prolonged conversations.

      Try the Brasserie on Sanford St in Fairfield, a new lower priced incarnation of St Tropez Bistro, just right for a leisurely lunch, drink and visit

      1. re: bagelman01

        But is the food any good? We went to St Tropez a couple of times and thought the food was if this is the lower priced incarnation I'd be wary.
        Personally I'd go to Osianna a little on the late side, 1:30 and it will be nice and quiet. All the tables aren't close together, just the few along the banquette. The ones in the side window are nicely spaced.

        1. re: sibeats

          I had many wonderful meals at St Tropez, BUT I ordered carefully. One Saturday night opur guests insisted on ordering the Bouliabaise after 8:30pm. I warned them not to, but they insisted. It was strong, salty and the fish tough. They just refused to understand that after being on the fire all day, fish stew isn't fit for cats.

          OTOH, I had great veal, chocken, and the best pate in the area.

          St. Tropez was too expensive to survive in this economy, with bad parking to boot. BUt the Brasserie is pleasant, food is good and affordable.

          I've had leisurely lunches there with Mrs. B..............

          1. re: sibeats

            BTW, we've sat in the table at the side window at Osianna and locked chairs with the table behind me, and had other diners butt into our conversation as it was so close..................

            1. re: bagelman01

              Well, sounds like we've both had different experiences at both places. I've had lunch at Osianna probably 20 times and never had any issue with close tables or people butting into my conversation. At the end of the day, I'll choose good food over a quiet dining room.

              To each his own, hopefully the OP will have lots of places to choose from and will have a nice lunch! Enjoy!

              1. re: sibeats

                Thanks so much for the recommendations!! I will have to check out both places.

            2. re: sibeats

              I'll second sibeats on both accounts - Osianna will be nice and quiet at that time, and they never make you feel rushed. I, too, thought the food at St. Tropez was terrible and have no reason to think a lower price point version of it would mean an improvement.

        2. in Stratford, Biaggios is very good. Other than the Osianna rec already mentioned, For Fairfield I'll add Centro (I like them for lunch more than dinner. Food not in the same ballpark as Osianna though), especially if you're planning to go in the next few days since you can sit outside and enjoy the last bit of summer. Osianna has outdoor tables as well but they can be a bit tight.

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          1. re: Ima Foodie

            I would not categorize Centro as "quiet," and certainly not the inside. Maybe if you can get a corner table on the patio, it'd be ok.

            319 Post Rd, Darien, CT 06820

          2. I like Barcelona in Fairfield, next to the old Hi Ho motel. I know this sounds like a weird spot, but it's truly good. The tapas menu guarantees a leisurely pace for conversation.

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            1. re: shoes

              It is a nice spot, good food...I always forget about it when people ask about Fairfield. They have the deck outside if it's warm out, with tables very nicely spaced along the backside. Inside they have booths in the back section...good suggestion.