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Sep 20, 2010 07:03 AM

Sushi Zushi

Going for ARW tonight. If you've been before is there anything that I shouldn't miss?

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  1. I was with a group and we shared several of the spicier rolls. Interesting combos, actually similar to Maki Toki but higher end and higher quality. I recall something spicy crawfish was good. They put wayyy to much chile mayonnaise on everything, if I go again I will ask for it on the side. There was a spicy rice and raw fish mixed rice (like a lump of sushi rice with stuff in it) that I enjoyed, too. Everything was yummy but the grilled meat on a stick offerings were actually bad because they were tough and underseasoned. Avoid those.

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      went for the first time to the Arboretum tonight for ARW. We actually decided it was a better bargain for us to order from the regular menu.
      The menu is EXTENSIVE..1 giant page of sushi/sashimi/rolls another huge page of appetizers, japanese favorites like shabu shabu, katsu don, udon, etc.

      Almost overwhelming with so many choices, but nice to know you won't get bored.
      we had a trainee as our waitress; she was very friendly and learning the menu quickly.

      We had:

      22oz Kirin Ichiban
      $3 on HH

      Seaweed salad
      $4-very crisp and lightly dressed

      Tuna Tower
      (rice topped with avocado, spicy tuna, habanero tobiko, sprinkled with sesame and nori and dressed with creamy wasabi sauce and tampa bay sauce. garnished with tobiko, black tobiko and wasabi tobiko) I love these..Beluga makes one too. It comes to the table layered and artistic and they "MASH" it all up to blend the flavors.the destruction is entertaining. ($14)

      Mussels dynamite
      -served in the shell baked with dynamite sauce and a heat that kicks in with the afterbite $4.50

      Soft shelled crab
      (this is a personal favorite and was great!) crunchy batter on the outside but soft and tender on the inside and served with a homemade ponzu blend $5

      Spy roll
      (spicy scallop and avocado inside with salmon and escolar on the outside drizzled with wasabi sauce) this was a huge roll with 8 pieces...definitely had a trailing kick of heat $13

      Escolar nigiri-
      2 large and thick pieces that were super tender and buttery $5

      Albacore nigiri-
      2 large pieces, but 1 was tough and stringy...this was the only disappointment $5

      We enjoyed our dinner and service and will go back for sure. $57.67 before tip!

      1. re: amykragan

        Sushi Zushi is in the Domain near Dillard's not near the Arboretum..sorry about that

        1. re: amykragan

          i was just going to post and say "where is this in the arboretum", so thanks for clarifying.

          escolar does not like me so i have to avoid it, but i LOVE albacore when it's done right.
          too bad one of your pieces was stringy.
          it can be so tasty usually.

          $5 for soft shelled crab sounds like a great bargain.

          was most of the stuff you got HH prices, or was it a blend?

          1. re: dinaofdoom

            HH was just the soft shelled crab & beer. They had several other drinks, appetizers and rolls, but we didn't go for those

    2. We had dinner at the Domain location on Saturday night. We ate in the bar so that we could watch the game. While I'm not yet totally sold on the food, I'll return based solely on the excellent service. The bartender that waited on us was excellent. He kept our drinks full (even while making drinks for the rest of a mostly full dining room...we were the only bar customers) and was super polite. The managers were quick to change the channel and even turned off the terrible muzack and turned up the tv volume for us (without us asking).

      We stuck to rolls (my husband's sushi preference) and sampled 4. The San Antonio was really interesting and tasty. A spicy salmon roll without rice and wrapped in cucumber. I'd definitely order it again. We also had the Valentine which featured soft shell crab (ok...although the crab was a little on the fishy side), a Caterpillar, and the St. Petersburg ( I can't for the life of me remember what was in it). The fish was all very fresh. The weird thing was the nori. They wrap most rolls with rice on the outside. And the interior nori tasted stale....and strangely crunchy. This was mainly noticeable on the end pieces of each roll. It wasn't so strange as to send it back but definitely something we noticed.

      We also had drinks. I had a fabulous fizzy blackberry drink with vodka from their specialties menu that was great. Husband drank 22oz Sapporo on draft and was very happy.

      In terms of quality of the fish, I think this is a step above Maki Toki. Living in the neighborhood, I'll still rely on Maki Toki for lazy night takeout and when I want to keep things cheaper. I'm interested to hit up Sushi Zushi's HH and see how that is. And, I'll be back to try more from the EXTENSIVE menu. Know though, that their rolls are complicated. Most feature 5-8 ingredients (aside from the rice and nori). Next time I'll probably try a little sashimi to simplify the experience ;)