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Sep 20, 2010 06:35 AM

Barcelona - Meal for the senses

Hope you fellow chowhounders out there can help. We have been told about an amazing meal experience in Barcelona that transcends all experiences for the senses. Unfortunately, the person telling could not remember the name of it, as they have never been. You need to make reservations a year in advance, and the experience is meant to be a feast for the senses. They described the wearing of headsets for one course, having your head in a "bowl" for another course, etc. Any of this sound familiar????

Hope you can help!

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  1. I believe the restaurant is El Bulli. It is not in Barcelona but in a small town of Roses, about 70 miles north on the Costa Brava.

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      Yes, PBSF, that's it! I do remember that the fellow said he thought it was Bull something! Thanks so much. Any thoughts about El Bulli?

      1. re: Food on the brain

        There has been more written about El Bulli than just about any restaurant in the world. Google and you will find reading for a lifetime: books, articles, blogs, facebook, twitter..... I would start by checking out their website.

    2. Your informant has confused a couple of places (at least).
      Indeed El Bulli is 'probably' the place intended. And reservations open (and close) for the entire year on a specific date
      However, the last couple of sentences suggest 'other places' which are also grouped under a 'molecular gastronomy' heading.
      The headphones course is offered at 'the Fat Duck' in Bray, England (sounds of the sea), but the 'head in a bowl' is CERTAINLY not El Bulli. It reminds me of a dish offered at Alinea (in Chicago) - but could conceivably also be offered at Fat Duck.

      The referenced restaurants are probably the top 3 of this style in the world - but it seems like the info has somehow been 'scrambled' together - and only El Bulli is 'close' to Barcelona.