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Sep 20, 2010 05:48 AM

MIX Fresh Kitchen

Chef Ray Bear just held the grand opening for his new restaurant MIX Fresh Kitchen on Saturday. Did anyone go? The menu looked awesome!!!

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  1. In my opinion, the menu is too large.

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      Really? I found it rather limited. Did you go at lunch or dinner? I was there for dinner last night and there were 3 or 4 pastas, a burger, a couple of pizzas, and then apps. They said they were planning to add items soon.

      A large menu isn't a problem for me if the chef can control the quality of everything on it; some places seem to pull it off just fine. Smaller menus are great *if* they change frequently (minimum, monthly), otherwise, once I've tried everything that sounds good once, I won't want to go back for a while, as I do tend to eat out a lot.

      My meal was very good, and very reasonably priced.

    2. Tried to go today for lunch, but it was closed for a special function. Boo-urns.

      Was planning on checking out the size of the menu to see if it was, indeed, scandalous.

      1. I went for dinner with family the other day

        Our server was great - very personable with good suggestions and just the right amount of interaction with our table

        The menu didn't seem overly large, but it was a little odd: the appetizers all looked to be fairly heavy, leaving me feeling like if I ordered one, I wouldn't have room for a main.

        We decided to split appetizers amongst the table:
        Chicken Mango Nachos - not much to elevate these past regular nacho fare. Lamb Poutine - a nice combination of fat and salt, a step above street food, but nothing amazing. When Pigs Fly (a plate of chicken wings and ribs.... I'm not a wing or rib person, so went along with the table's wishes a little reluctantly. The chicken was decent enough I guess - nothing I'd ever order anyway. The ribs though? Amazing! These things deserve their own dish. They were smokey and tender on the inside with a crispy well-seasoned coating. Amazing.

        For my main I got a thai beef salad that was ok - the dressing on the greens overpowered the beef. Not totally balanced. I ended up wishing I had the macaroni and cheese with bacon - it just seems like the sort of thing that the kitchen would have done well.

        I tried some of other people's food. There was a chicken curry pasta that was sweeter than I go for in a curry. A mushroom pasta that wasn't anything special, and a burger that was outstanding.

        Deserts were split as well - the vanilla creme brule was very well done - everything just right. Bread pudding was good, but, again, not amazing. Apple tart was phenominal.

        Overall, it was pleasant - not as adventurous as I had hoped going into the experience. I'll likely try again in a few months and see what's changed

        1. I get the sense they have been playing with the menu, I've been twice now - one for lunch during the soft launch and once for dinner. For the lunch trip, the menu did seem overly large, but for the dinner it was shorter (and I noticed it said something to the effect of it being a limited menu).
          The space is beautiful, love what they have done with it: very modern yet warm and inviting.

          For both of the meals I had, it was obvious that the restaurant was new. The first visit the staff were a bit tentative and obviously learning the ropes, the second visit was a really busy Friday night where the kitchen was having problems keeping up with the pace. I can't say enough about the great service we got from the front of house staff on that second visit. The place was mobbed but the greeters and wait staff were excellent in trying to get us served and out the door to a post dinner event we were trying to get to on time (which we did).

          The first meal we had for lunch we had a pad thai and a thai beef salad: neither was overly flavourful, the pad thai better but the beef salad very bland. The second meal we went we opted for burgers: the menu description is a bit overwhelming - the number of toppings seems a bit hard to imagine it working : JalapeƱo Havarti Cheese, Oulton's double smoked Bacon, Guacamole, Tomato, Lettuce, Grilled Red Pepper, Spicy Mayo.... but it worked well and was quite delicious. The fries were fine - nothing to rave about.

          For me, Mix seems to be a good mid-range place: great atmosphere, food not too pricey: nothing that would blow your mind, but also food that is tasty and well presented. (Although I notice someone here raved about the ribs and that is the one thing I have heard someone else rave about in another forum - so maybe that will be the standout item on the menu?)

          It will be nice to visit this place in another few weeks and see how its developed once they have settled into things a bit more.

          1. Just got back from giving this place a 3rd (and final chance). We waited for almost an hour for our order of fish and chips... we kept looking out the window to see if maybe the fishing boat carrying our fish was floating by. When we got our meal, my lunch mate asked for some more ketchup then what was supplied, the waitress said yes, but never came back. She took my glass to refill the drink. Never came back. The fish batter was terrible, the fries were over cooked and over salted and the bottom of my plate was floating in grease. The cole slaw bowl looked like it had been taken off someone else's plate and reused on mine.

            The fish itself outside of the batter was good.

            We paid for our food and left. Never returning... 3 strikes your out!

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            1. re: mollysmama29

              Thanks for the tipoff gang. I guess we'll cancell our planned get-together at Mix. As usual one should cautiously avoid hype and there has been planty over this one.

              1. re: chilibeanpaste

                So far, it ain't shaping up to well for Mix... Various boards seem to have a pretty common theme.