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Sep 20, 2010 05:39 AM

Any favorite salt-free recipes?

Do you have a favorite salt-free recipe? By that, I mean no salt added to the recipe and most important, using ingredients that contain no salt (sodium chloride or potassium chloride). I've used a lot of salt substitutes, even making my own, to make some regular recipes taste better. Do you have any that taste great and never fail? Thanks!

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  1. we're hard-wired to enjoy salty flavors, that's' why if you simply omit salt from a recipe it often will taste "flat". you can help in this adjustment by upping acid, like with vinegar or lemon juice, plus copious amounts of other seasonings.

    most of the sodium in the american diet comes from processed foods anyway, which have staggering amounts. eliminate those and you can still have very flavorful home-cooked meals.

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      Thanks. I've already tried your suggestions! Wondering if anyone has a favorite salt-free recipe you could share? I need to change up my repertoire.