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Sep 20, 2010 04:22 AM

Parker's Maple Barn Mason NH

We followed a sign off route 13 this past saturday and happened upon Parker's Maple Barn and Restaurant. It's kinda of off the beaten path in the middle of the woods. It looks like its been around forever. We didn't eat here but it looked very quaint and cozy and kind of magical out there in the woods. What's the story on this place. How is the food? Thanks!

Parker's Maple Barn
1316 Brookline Rd, Mason, NH 03048

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  1. I found Parkers about 15 years ago in a similar manner and also didn't eat there the first time. I've gone back a few times since and I just don't understand what it is about the place that makes people want to wait 30-90 minutes for breakfast. The food is pretty average at best.

    1. It's basically a New England tourist destination. The food's not bad, though it's unremarkable. You go and see how maple syrup is made, little country store (gift shop) etc. I think most of the people who go there are from Boston area, looking for a weekend drive.

      1. Agreed. You go there for the drive, the atmosphere, not necessarily for the food. I like to go in the fall with my kids, and then we take a little walk through one of the trails behind the restaurant after eating. I have also gone during sugaring season, but I prefer to go to one of the other sugar shacks (i.e Ben's or The Maple Guys) for the same learning experience and great syrup.

        Where did you end up eating this weekend (or maybe I didn't see that post yet)?

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          We ate at a tacky place right on 101A called Joey's Diner. We had just walked out of 101A antique center and were hungry and that place was right there. It was ok.

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            Yeah, not the best place around, but not much you can do when you're really hungry. I wish I had added to my earlier notes to avoid that place altogether!

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            I've tried it a few times years ago. The breakfast was OK bot my biggest complaint was the food always arrived cold. It was a combination of them being busy and the kitchen being a long way from many tables. I did like the real maple syrup.