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Sep 19, 2010 11:31 PM

Eating kosher in Bogota, Colombia

Does anyone have any experience in finding kosher food in Bogota, Colombia? A web search points me to a local branch of Carulla that has a kosher section and possibly even prepared foods but the information seems unreliable. All other options seem to be kosher caterers.

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  1. Carulla seems to have a lot!

    I would suggest contacting Chabad ahead of time. Here are the places listed on their site.

    1. The Carulla supermarket in Carrera 15 with Calle 85... Carreras go north-south, calles east-west. Has a whole section on the second floor of Kosher foods. The Rabbinate (Chabad and modern orthodox) supervise the premises and like in many other countries in the world, publishes a list of products that are Kosher, but might not bear a stamp.
      How presumptous it is to say that the information seems unreliable... Why, because it is not USA's?

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        I will also second that apprehension. Today, I was taken to a Carulla which seemed to mark that address, on the second floor, and did not find any kosher food. On the main floor, I found an ethnic aisle with a few shelves marked kosher, but in fact it was merely some tortilla chips and spicy sauces. I think you should be more specific about saying that there is kosher supervision of the premises since it seemed like a regular supermarket with lots of treif.

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          It's been nearly two years since the original post - for all we know, the grocery store in question once had an extensive kosher section, but no longer stocks it.

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            My wife and I were there in January, 2014, and the Crualla Market (corner 85th street and 15th Avenue )was serving good complete kosher meals, sandwiches, salads, etc. on the second floor. We had their steak. There were orthodox Jews ( black hats ) eating there with their families.
            On the first floor there was a stand to the right when you walk in that had a small supply of kosher products. You need to ask as there are a few other kosher products and one bread.
            Supposedly Jumbo Markets may start carrying kosher products. We will check in October.

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              Thanks Stefan. I will visit tthere :)
              Offer G.

      2. As of May 2012, the meat kosher restaurant / cafeteria has moved to the 2nd floor of the Carulla supermarket (Pomona) at Carrera 11 #76-19, Bogotá - Cundinamarca, Colombia. There is a winding staircase to the left of the main entrance. I think it is open for lunch only. We showed up at 2pm and they were cleaning up but still could prepare us a pair of steaks (churrasco). There are also other dishes such as hamburger, chicken, salmon, and more. Our steaks including two side dishes and a drink cost COP$19,500. The hamburger plate costs COP$11,500. Most of the staff does not speak English, so come prepared with some Spanish vocabulary.

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          Current rate of exchange:1 US dollar = 1770.0000 Colombian pesos