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Sep 19, 2010 09:01 PM

Concord Grapes: where can I find them?

I know it's the season right now; just wondering if any of you have leads on where I can find some.

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  1. Not Concords exactly, but the season for the Asian version, Kyoho grapes, is just about done. I bought them from the Korean farmers from Temecula at UC Irvine on Saturday, and was told that last week was the end of their season.

    Same farmers sell at other LA / OC farmers markets - I've seen them at Santa Monica. I imagine they're done at those markets too.

    That said, 99 Ranch still has them. They have a Kyoho grape from the Fresno area and the stems always look withered and not as farm fresh as the product from the farmers direct.

    1. I got some about 3 weeks ago at whole foods in Tustin/Irvine, but they were called something else. I Just love that intense tart flavor! Though I can only eat a handful or it's too much. I think I saw them there last week too, I'd call your local Whole Foods and ask to speak to someone who is knowledgable about the produce, they're usually very helpful.

      1. I agree, whole foods is your best bet since they are not grown locally. However, at the local farmers markets you can find thomcord grapes which are a hybrid between the concord and green thompson grapes. They are not as intense but they are delicious - and seedless too.

        1. I saw Concord grapes today at Gelson's in Westlake Village...near the cut watermelons and cut-up pineapple.
          Perhaps you might call the Gelson's nearest to you and ask.

          1. The Pershing Square Farmers Market (every Wednesday) in downtown LA had concord grapes last week.