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Sep 19, 2010 08:31 PM

Dry Soda in DC?

I have been trying to find a retailer in DC that carries Dry Soda ( with no success. The website says that Yes Organic Market carries it along with Dean and Deluca, but a check of the Yes Organic Markets in Cleveland Park and Capitol Hill were unsuccessful. Dean and Deluca said that they were out of it and were unsure when the next shipment would be there.

Has anyone seen this product in their neighborhood? I got hooked on it while staying in New Jersey this summer and would really love to get it without paying the $10 shipping charge.


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  1. Did you try Roots, Whole Foods or Wegmans? It might take a car ride, but probably won't cost $10 in gas.

    1. There is another Yes Market in Adams Morgan you might try.

      1825 Columbia Rd NW
      Washington, DC 20009-2005
      (202) 462-5150

      1. According to the web site you can get it at Coco Sala and Dean and Deluca.

        1. Well, since I've been to Dean and Deluca and had no luck, I guess the next try will be Coco Sala. It's a restaurant as well as a boutique, so they may not sell it to me outright, but it's worth a try.

          Wegman's doesn't carry it, neither does Whole Foods in this area.

          Thanks for the ideas!