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Sep 19, 2010 08:21 PM

ISO: Delicious, delicious ice cream


I apologize if this has been done before (if so, blame my search skills with the new interface), but we've just moved into Ardmore and have noticed a surprising lack on the local sweet scene: ice cream. Or, well, custard/frozen yogurt/gelato/various and sundry names that don't involve water ice or Baskin Robbins. Sadly, one member of the party has been spoiled by a life led in the proximity to Zwahlen's in Audubon; while presumably no Swiss chalets are lurking in Haverford, you never know...

We are literally within eyesight of the Viking Pastries sign, which will doubtlessly cause much bliss, but is there ice cream to be had? There is apparently a newish ice cream place in Bryn Mawr, but I haven't heard anything about it, and Handel's is a bit a of a trip. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. We have some great gelato places in Ambler, not sure how far of a drive from Ardmore. Toto's by far has the best gelato I have had anywhere. They have an amazing double dark chocolate (perfect with a scoop of blood orange). THey also have an amazing Donatello which is chocolate/hazelnut. Down the street from Toto's (you could do a taste test!) is Cafe Madia, which is also quite good, they have a great banana carmel and strawberry balsalmic. Yum! Bucks County might be a bit of a hike for you but there are a few good local spots out there, Tanner Brothers comes to mind, they have their cows on site.

    Here is another thread that might help too.

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      Hey Ambler Girl - you and I seem to follow the same ice cream route. I LOVE TOTO's - they are the Aunt and Uncle of one of the hairdressers where I go in Lansdale. Have been there several times. In fact, their gelato is served at From The Boot in Ambler. We used to live in Bucks County and took the kids to Tanners when they were younger. Wish we still lived closeby now. Have to make it a day trip now that we live in Harleysville. As far as closer to the Main Line, I would recommend Do Me A Flavor in Conshohocken. They serve Hershey's and Bassett's ice creams among others as well as the best homemade Jewish Apple Cake and other goodies I have ever had. The owners are so nice. They are right on Butler Pike in Conshy/Whitemarsh close to Ridge. Have fun trying all of these recommendations chocalatstiletto :)

    2. I know that you are looking for a store, but....

      Just tried several flavors of Haagen Dasz "Five". OMG. I love it! favorites so far are the ginger and the lemon. It's sinful.

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        Yes, the HD FIve are really quite good. You mentioned Ginger: May I suggest you seek out a pint of Reeds Ginger Ice Cream. They are the Ginger Beer people and the ice cream is excellent. It is hard to find but worth the search.

        Zwahlen's is very specal frozen custard (egg content) with weekly special flavors. I generally do not care much for Egg Nog, love theres! Hard pressed to name other GREAT Ice Cream places in the Philadelphia Area with homemade and special ice creams.

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          I second the Reed's Ginger Ice whole family are ice cream and ginger fans and LOVE THIS ICE CREAM....if you are in the western suburbs...Hennings Market in Harleyville actually carries it!!!

      2. Jake's Frozen Custard in Paoli, while a bit of a drive from Ardmore, may be what you're looking for. It's right on Rt. 30 by the train station.

        1. The short answer to your question is that, as far as I know, there is no really good ice cream on this end of the Main Line. In the summer, Pallante's in the Ardmore Farmer's Market has passable gelato, but really it's an ice cream wasteland here, alas.

          (BTW, Viking has some good pastry, but the best IMO is Le Petit Mitron on Haverford Ave. in Narberth. They make *real* croissants, not those soft bloated things that pass for croissants elsewhere.)

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            Haha, thank you for the very concise answer. I'm afraid that since I can't drive, most of the farther-out places will probably remain as potential day trips for the summer, though they all sound good.

            On the plus side, Narberth is very much in walking distance, and it gives me an excuse to eat French pastry!