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Sep 19, 2010 07:49 PM

Searching for a good food stop between Halifax and Charlottetown

Will be driving from Halifax to Charlottetown. Are there any good brunch/lunch eateries on the way? Thanks. :)

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  1. It's only 3 1/2 -4 hours between the two. I would just wait till you got to Charlottetown and go out there...there are a ton of places recommended on here for Charlottetown. But, that's just me! ;)

    1. There's a new spot in Amherst that has been open just a month or so called Art of Eating Deli and Catering -- it's downtown: 82 Church Street. I stopped in and grabbed smoothie a few weeks ago but didn't have time for lunch (or cash, and they were still running cash only at that point after just having opened). The smoothie was great and the space - small but cozy - was really nice. Display cabinet had lots of meats and cheeses. Amherst is quite a small town, but this felt much like an urban cafe. They have a page on facebook where they post their specials everyday and they always sound fabulous.

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        I wondered about that place, for some reason I thought it wasn't open yet. SO happy to see more stuff like this opening up in that area. The Amherst downtown area needs a lot of help.

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          I work in Truro, but had a meeting in Amherst a few weeks ago. I stopped by The Art of Eating for lunch and was very impressed. I had a great sandwich and smoothie. It's a great place and so unexpected to find such a great deli in a small town like Amherst. It's a cosy place with GREAT sandwiches.

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            I also finally checked both this place, the next door coffee shop (name escapes me), and a place called Bella's Cafe this past week or so. I had a wrap and smoothie too at Art of Eating and it was pretty good! I also purchased some cheese while I was there. I hope the place does well and thrives in the sea of fast food chains Amherst does have. I can report that the debit machine is now in place.

            At the coffee shop next door, I had a "big as your head" apple fritter with maple glaze. I didn't have coffee that day. Only drawback is that they do not have wireless internet, which is, imho... kind of a must have in a coffee shop. But I will be back, in any event.

            Bella's was also really good, I was surprised to learn it had been there a while (where've I been? ). Had a delicious egg salad sandwich and salad, and one time a little bread pudding (I'm a total sucker for bread pudding anywhere). It looked like there were lots of offerings on the menu. Nice atmosphere, and the place was full of people both times I've ever been there. Really enjoyed it both times.

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              There's a schnitzel haus in Aulac and you'd better have a whopping big appetite if you stop there.