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Sep 19, 2010 07:42 PM

Cafe Emunah - Anyone been recently?

My wife and I ate at Emunah a few years ago. We thought it was amazing and asked to meet the chef - Hodney Doliscar. We're thinking about going back for a special occasion but I hear that Doliscar, the original chef, is no longer at the restaurant and I see the menu has changed too; I believe Doliscar left last year. Has anyone been to Emunah recently? Particulary interested in views of those who also ate there in 2007/2008 when Doliscar was chef. How does it compare now?

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  1. When referring to places not in NYC, it would be helpful to identify where they are. In this case a web search reveals that there's a place by that name in Fort Lauderdale, so I assume you mean that one.

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      When referring to places IN New York City it's helpful to identify where they are. Between all the different neighborhoods who can keep track of every restaurant. Plus we shouldn't be biased and assume everything is located in NYC.

    2. Was just there on Thursday 10/14/2010, upon recommendation from a friend. Unfortunately, due to a looming flight (15-20 minutes away), could not spend more than 1/2 hour there and talk to Chef.
      HOWEVER, the food was absolutely delicious and the sushi we took to go, was positively the best we had ever eaten in our long career.
      Will go back there in a heartbeat and recommend you do so too.

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        Thanks. If you were only able to spend a 1/2 hour there, did you order any cooked dishes or only sushi?

        Anyone else been to Cafe Emunah recently? Details please!